Posted September 8, 2016

Five signs you should study in Rome

Sei vecchio! Wait, you don’t speak Italian? Right. Well this year is Temple University Rome’s 50th anniversary and that means “happy anniversary!” (Actually, it means “you’re old,” but you get the point.) To celebrate, consider studying in the city that wasn’t built in a day! Lucky for you, it’s Study Abroad Week and getting info about going abroad is as easy as ricotta pie. Do you have to know Italian? No. Should you like pizza? Duh. Want to know if you and Rome are soulmates? We can’t help you with that, but here are some signs you should go ASAP.

1. You always know where all the pizza is. Any time, any place.
You’re basically a human pizza GPS. It’s noon and there’s a line out the door at Maxi’s—you’re already down the block ordering your slice from Eddie’s before anyone else can Google where to go. In Rome, the roads are paved with pizza (not really, but it’s totally *everywhere*). It’s the motherland of dough and sauce and cheese.

2. Soccer makes you have a lot of feelings.
You kind of think that the new Temple Sports Complex was built just for you because you deserve a state-of-art facility to bask in the awesomeness of Temple’s soccer teams. Italy is just as soccer crazed as you are, but they call it fútbol. (Pls, never call it soccer in Rome.)

3. You can’t communicate until you’ve had your coffee.
If there weren’t food trucks all over campus slinging java each morning—or night—you might not ever make it to class. Rumor has it that Rome smells like espresso so you can get your caffeine osmosis style. We think.

4. You want your résumé to be the #best #ever.
Studying abroad and completing internships abroad are huge experiences, and employers know it. Not only will you have stories to tell, but the fact you went overseas also shows you like to try new things and can help set you apart.

5. You need to get your hands all over the most unique hands-on learning.
Listen, we know there are more than a gazillion hands-on-learning opps on Main Campus and in Philly (by our approximation, anyway), but there are certain things you have to go abroad to experience. You can only study the Colosseum at the Colosseum in one place. No matter what you’re studying, seeing the layers of ancient history firsthand will make you view things with a new perspective.

Learn everything you need to know about studying abroad in Rome.