Posted April 20, 2017

The Truck Stops Here: The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck

It’s so easy to get lost in the Montgomery Avenue sea of egg-and-cheese on long rolls and pizza and meat over rice platters. Can some Owls get an oasis, or what? Like a tropical one? Oh right, we can. Just stop by The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck, where that little steamer is slinging Earth’s candy in liquid form on the reg. We’re talking fruit and veg smoothies of whatever combination you want to get you through those spring days lounging on Beury Beach (and, um, finals). You can’t survive on coffee and pretzels alone. OK, we’re not your momma so we aren’t going to force you to eat your vegetables—but we would not be disappointed at all if you read this review.

~Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand.~ OK, so Beury Beach doesn’t have sand and is definitely NOT Kokomo, but we can dream, right? What IS a reality is that tropical drink thanks to the campus gem that is the Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck.

Yummy cold drink season is here and summer is in sight, but we gotta power through those finals before we can party on a real beach like those Muppets down in Kokomo. From a quick piece of fruit to get you through class to a smoothie so filling that you won’t have to give up your seat at the TECH for a food run, this truck is what you need during the final weeks of the semester.

This stop is one of the cheapest—and healthiest—places to get a snack on campus. You can grab a banana for just 50 cents or a bag of berries and grapes for $2.50. If you’re lucky, you can snatch up a generous bag of roasted peanuts for just $1. Your wallet, brain and stomach will thank you.

If one piece of fruit won’t cut it, check out the truck’s fruit salads. They come in three different sizes and those little clam shells are packed to the gills with an awesome variety of fruit—grapes, melon, pineapple, mango, strawberries and….wait for it… a whole unpeeled banana!!! No mushy banana slices here, making it easier to save it for later if you want.

For those who would prefer to sip their daily dose of fruits and veggies, you can get three different sizes, ranging from 16 oz. to 24 oz. The world is your orchard when it comes to smoothie combinations. Strawberry banana? You got it. Mango, orange and pineapple? All yours. Avocado, blueberry, carrot? That’s gross, don’t do that….unless you *really* want to. This truck empowers you to be creative and try whatever combinations your heart desires, even the weird ones.

If you can’t decide (or if you’re a free spirit willing to leave your snack destiny up to the master of the blender), you can ask the extremely kind woman who runs the truck for a recommendation. An unofficial survey that we didn’t do says that nine times out of 10 you will probably like her suggestion.

Now what are you waiting for? All that fresh produce isn’t going to drink itself.