Posted August 14, 2018

Temple Insider's Guide: Stuff you're def nervous about

In a couple days your parents, grandparents, siblings and support systems will be helping you move in. And then … they’re going to leave. And it’s going to be OK. As exciting as starting college is, it can be totally scary, too. (See, this “we got your back” thing is going to keep coming up.) Check out our tips to help you get through it all

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Am I going to make friends?
Here’s the good news is: Everyone is looking for friends. Some hit it off with their roommates. For others, it may take some time. Try striking up convos with people who live on your floor or in your hall as you head to the bathroom, say “hi” to folks on the elevator, and spend some time hanging out in the lounges. Also, take advantage of events that happen in your residence hall, like movie night. And, introverts, sometimes the best thing you can do is just to leave your door open. People will just stop by and say hi, especially in the first few weeks of the semester.

Also, you can join as many organizations as your heart desires, or check out volunteer opportunities where you can connect with people.

Will I be able to stay organized?
In between readings, quizzes, exams, social activities and just finding some *you* time throughout all the craziness, it can be daunting. There are plenty of ways to stay organized: Download Evernote (an app that helps organize everything). Also, color-coding everything is a good time saver—bullet journals might be your new best friend. Just don’t spend too many hours on YouTube watching other people make their journals instead of starting your own. Another new friend could be Google Docs. You’ll be able to access your files on any computer and you can create a semester spreadsheet to make sure you’re staying organized and on track.

How do I get over feeling homesick?
DYK homesickness occurs when you feel uncomfortable and out of place in new surroundings? Establishing a routine for yourself can help curb negative feelings you might be having. Build a routine, whether it’s developing something daily that involves class, homework, working out, etc. or volunteering on campus or joining an intramural sports team once a week. Also, you’re not alone. There are students on campus who feel the same way, and there are people you can talk to if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want some advice or just someone to listen (your RA, professors, folks at Student Affairs and the Wellness Resource Center to name a few).

What if I don’t know what I want to do, like, in life?
You might feel like because you’re in college now, you have to have your five, 10 or 20-year plan all figured out. But, for most of us, we’re just trying to get through today. Being unsure of what to do, or even how to do something, is very common among college students, especially when you’re in your first year. That’s why Temple wants you to try a ton of different things—take GenEd courses that pique your interest, join a wide variety of clubs and visit the Career Center to explore your options. If you don’t know what to do, now’s the time to explore.

P.S. If not knowing what you want to do (or anything else) is making you feel lost, anxious or overwhelmed, there are resources on campus to help you navigate your feelings. Check out Tuttleman Counseling Services and the Wellness Resource Center.

Am I going to get lost on campus?
Yes, you’ll definitely get lost at least once. We all do. Temple is HUGE, but as long as you know essential spots, like where your classes are, the Bell Tower, Beury Beach, the Student Center and dining halls (because, food), you’ll be good! There are campus maps posted around, and we’ve got a digital version, too.

P. P. S. On the first two days of classes, Aug. 27-28, there will be “Help Me Find My Class” tables on Liacouras Walk, at the Bell Tower, in front of the Student Center and near Ritter Annex. Stop by and ask where to go if you need help.

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-Jared M. Lowe