Posted March 17, 2023

Hidden study spots on campus

Discover and explore the hidden study spots on Temple’s campus. 

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Graphic courtesy of Rose Caporaletti

If you’re searching for a new study spot on campus, look no further! Uncover these hidden study spots that you may have missed.

Tuttleman Learning Center

Tuttleman is a central building on campus, housing a variety of classes. Whether you’ve visited the building in passing or spent semesters in its lecture halls, it is unlikely you have explored all the hidden spots within. 

If you head downstairs from the front entrance, you will discover a range of seating options: collaborative tables, armchairs and high-top desks. This space also has plenty of vending machines to keep you stocked with study snacks. Beyond this lower-level area is access to a courtyard. As the weather grows warmer this is the ideal outdoor spot. Lined with trees and flooded with sunlight, the courtyard has multiple tables allowing you to settle down and get outside. The courtyard is currently closed due to construction, but keep an eye out for when it reopens!

If you prefer working indoors, but enjoy a sun-filled atmosphere, Tuttleman’s second floor houses a small seating lounge at the farthest end past the Honors offices. Referred to as the “Greenhouse,” this area is full of windows and plants providing a bright atmosphere for productivity. The seating includes armchair desks perfect for working comfortably, and high-top tables that make collaboration easy.

Last but not least, up on the fourth floor of Tuttleman is the Owl’s Nest Lounge. This lounge space has everything an Owl could need, stocked with computers, a printer, booth seating and bean bag chairs.

1810 Liacouras Walk and Alter Hall

1810 is a quiet space with some of the most contemporary architecture on campus. On the first floor, 1810 has a range of seating options, from booths to communal tables, and private study rooms.

The fourth floor of 1810 leads to the Skywalk, linking itself to Alter Hall. If you walk through the Skywalk to Alter Hall, you’ll find a small seating area that isis quiet and private.  its open-concept design allows natural light from the Skywalk to flood in, making it a  brightly lit space.

Mazur Hall 

Much like the Tuttleman Learning Center, Mazur Hall is a commonly used space worth exploring. On the second floor of Mazur, you will come across a hidden lounge area with four-person tables, couches and personal workstations. This space can be found from both the stairs and the elevator, making it easy to stop by between classes. To top it off, the Mazur Hall Terrace is right nearby if you need to step out for some fresh air!

— Avery Bumsted, Class of 2025