Posted August 9, 2023

Meet TUSafe, Temple’s new safety app

The app will launch Monday, Aug. 14, and will replace RAVE Temple Guardian as the university’s one-touch personal safety mobile app.

TUSafe Download Now!

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Introducing TUSafe, the app designed to keep u safe!  

On Monday, Aug. 14, Temple University’s Department of Public Safety will launch the TUSafe app, a one-touch personal safety app that will be available via mobile device. It'll ultimately replace RAVE Temple Guardian, which has been the university’s personal safety app of choice since Feb. 2022. But don't worry! Temple students, faculty and staff will still be able to access RAVE Temple Guardian through the end of September 2023. 

The new TUSafe app is truly next-level. It includes enhanced features but also retains all of the features that were available in RAVE Temple Guardian, including the ability to chat with or call Temple Police, call 911 or start a virtual safe walk. You can also use it to report crimes; provide emergency contacts, access real-time tracking for FLIGHT, Temple’s fixed-route shuttle loop service that transports students around the main campus patrol zone; and access the university’s walking escort service

The switch from Guardian to TUSafe came following months of research undertaken by Nicola Mammes, the university’s former director of emergency management. Mammes met with colleagues at other peer institutions to gain a better understanding of safety technology, and how it could help our Temple community. By including new features while retaining the former app’s full functionality, TUSafe allows users to have a one-stop shop for safety information and intervention, making it much easier to use. This user-friendly experience translates to better safety on campus, since there will be less confusion about how to stay safe, get around and call for help (though hopefully you won’t need to!). 

To use the TUSafe app, first make sure you download the app on your phone. Search “TUSafe” in the Apple App Store for iPhones, or the Google Play Store for Android phones. Once installed, login with your AccessNet username and password, and boom! You’re done. 

The app, which can be personalized for use at institutions around the country, has already found success at Boston College, Princeton University, New York University, The University of California, Los Angeles, and Virginia Tech among others.  

To help encourage the Temple community to move from RAVE Temple Guardian to TUSafe, Information Technology Services will be sending push notifications directly to Guardian users, encouraging them to download the new app. So if you already have Guardian, be on the lookout for a prompt to join TUSafe! 

“We are happy to enhance a safety resources for our Temple community with the TUSafe app, and we encourage everyone to download it and become familiar with its capabilities,” said Jennifer Griffin, vice president for public safety. “This app has the ability to keep Temple students, faculty and staff connected to public safety and resources, but for that to happen, our community members have to take the first step in adding the app to their mobile devices.” 

For more information on TUSafe, please visit the university’s Public Safety website for the new application. If you have any questions about how to use the app, please contact Information Technology Services. TUSafe is only available at Temple’s Pennsylvania campuses.