Posted April 25, 2024

Your guide to move-out: Spring 2024 edition

Follow along for six easy steps to help you through your spring 2024 move-out.

a student smiles while moving out
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Ryan S. Brandenberg

Amid lengthy assignment lists and looming exams, move-out can be a hectic time, but it doesn’t have to be! Looking for assistance figuring out where to start, or how to plan? Whether you live in a residence hall or off campus, we have you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you navigate move-out with ease. 

Step 1: Determine your move-out dates

For on-campus Owls, it’s important to note university move-out deadlines. The dorms will officially close on Wednesday, May 8, at 7 p.m.; therefore, you can choose any move-out date prior to closing. 

This spring, the Broad Street Run will take place on May 5. This event will result in significant traffic flow and road closures, particularly on Broad Street. So, when planning your move-out, consider any potential conflicts and reassess your plans if need be. 

For off-campus Owls, ensure you remain considerate of your neighbors. Carefully plan move-out times that will minimize disruptions for nearby residents. 

Step 2: Create a timeline

This is a tip for on- and off-campus Owls alike. Break down tasks into a timeline, providing you with an easy-to-follow plan. Start by laying out the weeks ahead, and assign all your to-dos specific dates for completion. Set tasks can include decluttering, packing, cleaning … and any other preparations needed to get everything done on time. 

Step 3: Declutter 

As you work towards completing your finals, get ahead and start packing up early! The easiest way to start prepping for move-out is by decluttering your belongings. Donate or discard items you no longer need or use to make the packing and moving process light work!

Conveniently placed in residence hall lobbies, Give + Go Green donation bins will accept any clothing, hygiene and nonperishable food donations. Start decluttering early, as donation bins will be open starting on April 24. 

For off-campus Owls, if your housing lies in the Temple patrol zone, you are qualified to schedule a TUmove pick-up of discarded items. Eligible items include appliances, electronics, furniture and general household trash.

Step 4: Pack strategically

Once you’ve decluttered, you can shift gears to packing up. Start well in advance of your move-out date, beginning with items used less frequently and working your way up to the everyday essentials. If you have roommates, distribute responsibilities fairly to optimize efficiency. To remain organized, utilize labeling systems to keep everything in order, and group items into clear categories. 

Step 5: The final to-dos 

On-campus Owls: Before you leave, ensure your room is thoroughly cleaned and reset. This includes the following.

  • If you rented a microfridge and/or safe, leave the unit in your room, and ensure it is cleaned out, unplugged and left open to prevent mold.

  • Empty all trash or recycling.

  • Sweep the floors.

  • Remove all personal property from the room, including nonuniversity furniture. 

  • Carefully remove decorations, avoiding any damage.

  • Reset the room’s furniture to its original arrangement.

Off-campus Owls: When disposing of trash in off-campus areas, ensure you purchase heavy-duty trash bags to avoid the spreading of litter. If you are looking to dispose of a mattress or box spring, ensure you use a mattress bag, which can be requested via email at

Step 6: Say goodbye

Now’s the moment we say farewell. Before you exit, ensure you close and lock all windows, lower the blinds, shut off the lights, and lock the door. 

For on-campus Owls, follow all residence hall instructions, including completion of sign-out sheets and return of room keys to officially check out. 

Off-campus Owls, take the time to discuss expectations with your landlord, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any concerns. 

Saying goodbye to housing can be bittersweet, the space may be gone, but never forgotten. Until next year Owls! 

For those graduating, congratulations. You are now officially #TempleMade.


 - Avery Bumsted, Class of 2025