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By celebrating Temple University's most innovative people, research, service, programs and ideas, and the global relevance and impact of its worldwide network, Temple magazine aims to inform and inspire, instill pride and engage alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends of Temple through thoughtful, intelligent content that promotes the intellectual and creative freedom, service, sustainability, and academic and research excellence that are characteristic of Temple.

Temple's Commitment to Sustainability

As a university, Temple has committed to sustainability through numerous initiatives. As the university magazine, Temple has done the same.
By partnering with Lane Press, Temple is able to print with a company dedicated to operating sustainably. Lane is one of the first heat–set web offset printers to capture and properly dispose of waste related to the printing process. And only 2 percent of Lane's electricity comes from greenhouse gas–producing carbon fuel sources. Finally, Lane is obtaining its Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certification, which evaluates an entire printing site—from product to process to the building itself—to determine its commitment to the environment. At present, only 50 printers in the U.S. are SGP–certified. For more information about Lane's environmental policies, click here.
Temple's paper stock also was chosen carefully. The run–of–book paper stock is manufactured in Maine, a short distance from Lane Press in South Burlington, Vt. This significantly reduces the magazine's carbon footprint. Further, the paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council—it comes from a forest managed with sustainability in mind.
If you have any questions about Temple's manufacturing practices or environmental commitment, contact us at