Dustin Kidd pictured.
Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Temple professor cautions against using LinkedIn
Type: News Story
Temple professor Dustin Kidd discusses how LinkedIn has emerged as a popular dating app.
January 29, 2024
Temple faculty speak on Nutter’s record
Type: News Story
Two Temple faculty members offer expertise on 'NewsWorks Tonight.'
December 21, 2015
For women living in poverty, getting ahead is a matter of trust
Type: News Story
In her forthcoming book, "Ain't No Trust: How Bosses, Boyfriends and Bureaucrats Fail Low-Income Mothers and Why it Matters," Temple sociologist Judith Levine argues that we cannot understand life in poverty without attention to the production and consequences of distrust.
April 3, 2013
Sociologists lend expertise for study and story on city’s high rate of deep poverty
Type: News Story
An examination of 2009-11 Census Bureau data by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Temple Associate Professor of Sociology David Elesh revealed that Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty — people with incomes below half of the poverty line — of any of the nation's 10 most populous cities.
March 21, 2013
Temple sociologist examines the allure of intimacy in ballroom dancing
Type: News Story
For a new book, Temple sociologist Julia Ericksen examined the appeal of ballroom dance through interviews with 60 dancers that revealed the allure of "instant intimacy."
December 9, 2011