Temple announces new 'official' color

As part of ongoing efforts to establish a consistent and powerful graphic identity for Temple, the university is designating the color Pantone Matching System (PMS) 201 as the single official color for Temple. This color already is used extensively by Temple athletics and frequently appears on Temple apparel and other merchandise; it is slightly “darker” and “richer” than PMS 200, a color used for some purposes, such as the “T” banners hanging on our campuses.

“The iconic Temple ‘T’ and the word marks that accompany it give Temple a powerful symbol that knits together the schools, colleges and units that make up the university,” said President Ann Weaver Hart. “Now is the right time to ensure that all of Temple is represented by one true color, a true ‘cherry’ color.”

Creative Services already is using the 201 color on all printed materials designed by its staff. For web developers, the web equivalent for PMS 201 is hex 9E1B34 and the RGB equivalent is R163, G38, B56. New work products should use the new official color, but it is permissible to exhaust existing supplies that use other colors. The online stationery ordering system has been updated.

If you have any questions about work you are ordering, consult with Creative Services at or 215-204-1367.