Temple launches TUsecure password initiative

Computer Services has launched a new initiative designed to enhance security while facilitating logging into the various systems at the university.

The initiative, TUsecure, gives Temple users one user name and one password for most systems at the university (see box for the list of affected systems). For systems that are not affected, you should continue to use the user name and password assigned by the system administrator.

Notices are being sent out directing users to to create a TUsecure password. You must create a password by June 2; if you do not create your TUsecure password by that date, your current password will expire and you will be required to change it before accessing Temple's computing resources. Once you create a password, it will go into effect for all affected systems at once.

In addition to reducing the number of user names and passwords a user needs to remember, the TUsecure initiative includes new requirements designed to make it more difficult for a password to be hacked. A current password could theoretically be hacked in less than four minutes; the new requirements would push the time to about 250 days. This is further mitigated by the new requirement that passwords be changed at least every 180 days (90 days for mainframe users).

Toward that end, Computer Services is requiring that all passwords meet the following conditions:

  • Faculty and staff who access the administrative mainframe must change their passwords at least every 90 days.
  • All other account holders must change their passwords at least every 180 days.

Affected systems

Any site that uses your AccessNet user name will now use your TUsecure password. In addition, if you have access to the following systems your password must be changed every 180 days:

  • TUportal
  • TUmail
  • Blackboard
  • OWLnet
  • Housing
  • Library
  • Workstation login (if using the “Temple” Active Directory )
  • Access Card
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Ultimus Workflow
  • Kronos
  • VPN
  • Reports 2 Web
  • Feith

If you have access to the following systems your password must be changed every 90 days:

  • HRS
  • ISIS
  • FMS
  • FMS on Web
  • Web Focus
  • SIMS

There are other systems not covered by this password policy change. If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk at 215-204-8000 or

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  • Passwords must be between eight and 15 characters.
  • Passwords must contain at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, and one number.
  • If you choose to use special characters, only the following three are permitted: $, # and @.
  • They may not be a sequential variation of a previous password. Example: If GoOwls01 was the previous password, GoOwls02, cannot be used.

Here are some tips on creating a good password:

  • Use a pass phrase leaving out any spaces, dashes or other special characters other than $, #, and @. Example: “I’m free at 8” becomes Imfree@8.
  • Use the first letter of each word for a phrase. Example: "I know what I am going to(2) do today" becomes IkwIag2dt.
  • Don't use names or nicknames that someone can easily guess, such as the name of your significant other.

For more information, go to To create your TUsecure password, go to