TU Alert registration moving to banner

TU Ready and Computer Services announce a change in how students, faculty and staff will register for TU Alert. Effective Sept. 19, 2011 students, faculty and staff can register their contact information through self service banner on TU Portal. This new process will streamline registration for TU Alert and integrate contact information with Temple University’s Banner system. The migration will take place over the week of Sept. 12th and will go live on Sept. 19, 2011. The emergency notification system will continue without disruption throughout this process.

TU Alert is a part of Temple University’s emergency notification system, used to communicate information regarding an incident that occurs on campus and is deemed an emergency requiring immediate action on the part of the campus community. TU Alert delivers critical information via text messaging to cell phones and an email to your Temple account. Students, faculty, and staff must register to receive TU Alert. For additional information on how to register for TU Alert or to learn more about TU Ready, please visit