Posted January 16, 2023

How to ease back into the semester

Relax and ease back into the semester with these tips.

Winter break is the most wonderful time of the year. With nothing to do but relax, watching the break come to an end can be difficult. Regardless, 2023 has arrived, full of ample opportunities to reflect, grow and kick off the spring semester at your best.

As a new semester arrives at full force, here are some ways to ease back in and smooth the transition. 

Revive your space

Begin spring cleaning your space and mind. By decluttering, the slew of new course materials will feel far less overwhelming. We recommend clearing out your desktop, organizing Google Drive folders or simply cleaning out your backpack. Although these changes seem minimal, they will allow you to feel refreshed and focused.

Start your schedule

Get ahead on the new semester by preparing your schedule. Begin by mapping out your schedule in a way that feels well-suited for you, whether that be through a physical planner or on your phone. We recommend getting organized by blocking out your weekdays and locating time in between classes. 

Establishing where you will have additional time can allow you to better understand your new work-life schedule. Before the semester picks up, prepare yourself for what is to come and define the breaks where you can slow down. 

Establish new habits 

New Year’s brings forth resolutions, so it is time to make some changes! With the fall semester behind us, it is crucial to reflect on areas in which we want to improve. Although easier said than done, developing a few new habits can be a game-changer for beginning the new semester and succeeding throughout. 

You can start by compiling a small list of areas you want to improve upon. From there, define a way to enact change and incorporate it into your schedule. For example, if you want to begin reading for enjoyment more often, set aside some free time and dedicate yourself to reading for one hour a day … or a week. Define a goal and incorporate it into your daily life. Before you know it, the habit will be established. 

Take care of your mind and body

The start of a new semester can be overwhelming, so it’s necessary to focus on your well-being. Before you get swept up into the chaos, take time for yourself, either by finding a new podcast to enjoy or spending time outside. Maintaining personal practices can keep you afloat. Always prioritize eating sufficient meals (and may a few nutritious ones) and getting at least eight hours of sleep. If you find yourself struggling and in need of some further support, visit Tuttleman Counseling Services or the Wellness Resource Center.



— Avery Bumsted, Class of 2025