Temple Student Pharmacists Selected to Attend Government Relations Advocacy Program

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association selected four students from Temple University, Seth Aaron (2015), Parth Bhatt (2014), Jolita Burbulyte (2012), and Tonisha Thompson (2015) to participate in the Fifth Annual Government Relations Advocacy for Student Pharmacists (GRASP) program held February 24-26, 2012 in Harrisburg, PA. 

This program is a weekend leadership and advocacy-building retreat, designed for students. A limited number of student pharmacists from across the Commonwealth are accepted to participate in the program through an application process. Upon successful completion of the course and related assignments, students are presented with a Certificate of Achievement and a GRASP lapel pin which can be proudly worn on their pharmacy white coat or on other clothing to pharmacy events. Those who participate in the program walk away with a better understanding of state government and its impact on pharmacy – information which is important for all areas of pharmacy practice.

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association is a statewide professional organization representing pharmacists in all practice settings united for the purpose of assuring a high quality of professional practice, through the establishment and maintenance of high standards of professional ethics and education, promoting patient pharmaceutical care which is concerned with preserving and protecting public health, and protecting the professional integrity and economic security of our members.