Important Safety Information

The following message contains some specific information related to sexual assaults that have reportedly taken place near campus.
The university has received multiple credible reports from various sources alleging underage drinking, the excessive use of alcohol, possibly drugs and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, during social activities at Alpha Epsilon Pi. While these allegations are being investigated, the university has suspended the organization’s rights and privileges to operate as a recognized fraternity pending investigations by Temple and city police. 
In addition, the university has increased police presence in various areas including the 2000 block of Broad Street while it further investigates these allegations.
As this investigation is ongoing, we strongly encourage students with information or needing support regarding any concerns of sexual misconduct to contact Temple Police (215-204-1234,, the Dean of Students Office (215-204-7188, or the Wellness Resource Center (215-204-8436, Any member of the Temple community or the general public also can report anonymously online.
Your safety is our highest priority. When it comes to socializing with alcohol, please keep these tips in mind: 
  • If you are of age and you choose to drink alcohol, do not leave any beverage unattended, and be wary of accepting drinks from others.
  • It is also important to look out for one another while socializing—when you go out with friends, make a pact to stay together and leave no one behind.
  • Remember, Temple University has a medical amnesty policy that states that no student will be subject to university discipline for seeking medical treatment for the effects of drug or alcohol use, and this amnesty will be granted to both the intoxicated student and the student seeking help for an intoxicated student.
  • If you are suspicious of what a drink might contain or concerned about the impact it’s having on a friend, seek medical help immediately. Signs to look for include dizziness and/or nausea, memory loss, breathing or motion difficulties, and acting disproportionately intoxicated relative to the amount of alcohol consumed. 
  • Should you see signs like these, call 215-204-1234 immediately.