National Public Radio's "Science Friday" - January 1, 2010

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National Public Radio's "Science Friday"

If you've ever rung in the New Year with friends, had a champagne toast or two, and then had a cup of coffee before driving home, hoping to sober up — please don't do that again. Research by Temple psychologist Thomas Gould, published this month in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, found that in mice caffeine was no help in countering the effects of alcohol on learning and decision making. Gould joined "Science Friday" host Ira Flatow for a lengthy discussion of his findings.

January 1, 2010 | Philadelphia Business Journal

President Ann Weaver Hart was named one of the Philadelphia Business Journal's "Ten to Watch" in 2010. Individuals who "distinguished themselves in 2009 and were poised to have an even greater impact in 2010" were selected by the editor. "Hart has been laying the groundwork for a transformation…in North Philadelphia." She is expected to unveil a Temple 20/20 plan designed to give the university a more notable presence on Broad Street. The school is also aiming to become a greater center of academic research.

January 2010 | Men’s Fitness

Overeating — and drinking — was an inevitable part of the last few months. Now, like most Americans, you've probably made a New Year's resolution to hit the gym a little harder. It helps to be motivated by the facts. A study by researchers at Temple's Center for Obesity Research and Education found that obese patients with sleep apnea who lost just 10 percent of their weight showed good improvements of their condition. Sleep apnea, a disruption of breathing while asleep, is commonly accompanied by symptoms of extremely loud, irregular snoring. And obesity is the factor most likely to lead to sleep apnea.