Posted February 15, 2017

Experts tally unprecedented appearances in ‘New York Times’

More Temple University scholars than ever have joined the national discussion on important subjects in the pages of the Times in 2016-17.

A spread of several New York Times newspapers.
Photography By: 
Ryan Brandenberg
Temple professors are no strangers to providing their expertise to local and national media outlets.

If you think you’ve been reading more quotes from Temple faculty members lately in The New York Times, one of the nation’s largest and most widely read news media outlets, you’re right.

Temple faculty scholars have been joining the national discussion in the pages of the Times at an unprecedented rate, sharing their analysis on a broad range of issues: the presidential election, international relations, criminal justice, student debt, human behavior and more. In the last two months alone, Temple scholars, research and programs have been included in Times stories at least 10 times. Since the 2016-17 academic year started, the total of Times mentions is more than 25, thought to be an all-time high (it would be even higher if one included all the national wire stories from the Associated Press or Reuters that have been picked up by the Times).

Here are some of the recent Temple mentions. You may need a subscription to read some of these stories:

The voices of Temple’s students and alumni have also been prominent in The New York Times so far in 2016-17, including Paul Heinsdorf, a math major who was quoted in a story about the joys of being a bell-ringer at a Center City church, and distinguished artist Lisa Yuscavage, TYL ’84, who shared her 10 favorite books as part of the Times’ “My Bookshelf, Myself” series.