Posted April 28, 2022

Temple Made for … being the best version of himself he can be

As a transfer student and football walk-on, Jake Horoshko, Class of 2022, has made the most of his time at Temple, securing a video editing internship and setting himself up for success.

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Ryan S. Brandenberg
Film and media arts major Jake Horoshko plans to continue to work in the film industry following an internship with JTwo Films.

Name: Jake Horoshko
Major: Film and Media Arts
Hometown: Macungie, Pennsylvania

Temple Now: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Jake Horoshko: After graduating from high school, I attended Monmouth University for one semester before transferring to Temple. At Temple, I walked onto the football team but towards the end of the season in 2020, I got a concussion at practice, and I decided it was best for me to no longer play. Since then, I’ve focused solely on being a film student with a minor in advertising content creation. So those two things are really kind of my passions.

TN: What has your experience been like at Temple University?
JH: I have learned a lot from really great professors and have worked with great students. I feel like I’m miles ahead of where I was when I was in high school. Football also taught me so many great lessons about how to interact with others, time management, hard work and teamwork. As a result, now that I’m working at my internship alongside going to classes, it’s really a fairly seamless transition.

The combination of lessons I have learned from football and academics, I think are something really special and I think they really set me up to succeed in the future. 

TN: How did you choose your major?
JH: Yeah, so when I was a kid, I just grew up watching movies. My grandma used to always tell me, I learned how to use the VCR before I could walk and talk. I would just sit there and watch the Toy Story movies on a loop.

I went on a family vacation to California, when I was in high school, and we did some studio tours, we saw the Sony lot and Warner Brothers lot. When I was there, I saw all these people working on movies and shows and at that point, I was just like, that’s something I really want to do.

TN: How did you get involved with JTwo Films? 
JH: I did a lot of research on the internet and came across JTwo on LinkedIn. They’re a video production company with locations in Philadelphia and Chicago. So I applied for the internship, had a couple interviews, I went out and met with them and that was how I got connected. 

TN: What do you do at your internship?
JH: I’m an editing intern. Right now I’m learning everything that goes into the professional aspect of video production and video editing. I do everything involved in production which includes preproduction prep; on-set work; and postproduction work, which includes editing, sound design and graphics. But my main focus is video editing. It’s a really well-rounded internship and I’m learning pretty much all facets of the industry from a professional standpoint.

TN: What are your future plans? 
JH: After I graduate, I would love to stay in Philadelphia. I’ve just grown to love the city so much in my three and a half years here. It’s been such an incredible experience. So I hope I can stay here, continue to grow within the film industry and become the best version of myself I can be.

- Matthew Aquino