Posted March 1, 2023

College senior brings his passion for vlogging to Temple University

Rich Le helps amplify the university on YouTube.

Rich Le holding his camera
Photography By: 
Ryan S. Brandenberg
Rich Le, Class of 2023, shoots vlogs using a Canon 90D camera with a 10-18 mm lens.

Rich Le, Class of 2023, is passionate about picking up his camera and creating digital content for Temple University’s official YouTube channel. 

Le is a student vlogger who highlights topics ranging from recreational life on campus to behind-the-scenes looks at student clubs and organizations to how to get around Philadelphia.  

“For me it’s about realism, in the sense where I want to really immerse myself on campus with my community of peers to film and create content for the official YouTube channel,” Le said of his creative work. “I want to record clips that are engaging.”

Being exposed to different cultures and people from all walks of life is a key aspect of why Le decided to come to Philadelphia and study at Temple. He is majoring in health information management in the College of Public Health. 

“I think the exposure to diversity is one of the reasons why I like Temple a lot,” said Le, who hails from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. “A lot of people from all walks of life are just so closely connected that I think it’s just a great learning experience, and that’s something I can show the world through the power of video.”

Le is one of two vloggers working for the university to highlight what it’s like to be a Temple student. He became interested in applying for the position last July because he believed he could showcase Temple’s beauty.

“I wanted to show a raw experience of what being a student looks like, but record it in the highest quality possible,” he said.

The 21-year-old enjoys sharing his experiences at Temple, interacting with other students and showcasing the university’s environment for his vlogs. His camera of choice is the Canon 90D with the 10-18 mm lens.

“Some vloggers like to film with their phones which is nice, but there is a finer detail to quality with an actual camera,” Le stated. 

Giving viewers what they want to see has been a key component of his success as a vlogger. “Vlogging for Temple is like running a business,” Le explained. “People want footage of what you do on campus. People want to see footage of how it looks like as a student on campus. So, I think it’s important to show as much of that aspect as possible.”

Being active in organizations on campus has enabled Le to engage with fellow students for his videos. He is president of Temple Breakers, which is Temple University’s breakdance team, and a member of the Temple University Vietnamese Students Association. 

“I think that if I film something cultural and performance based, it can be blended together to show what is happening on campus,” Le stated.

In addition to vlogging for Temple, he runs his personal RichMe channel on YouTube where he creates consumer technology-related content.

“I think that vlogging to me is kind of like a journal,” said Le, who developed a love for shooting videos 12 years ago. “It’s kind of like building a lasting online digital timestamp for myself and others because it shows me what I did during that time in my life. I want to be able to look back on it someday.”

- Ayana Jones