Posted May 12, 2010

Introducing 2010 graduates: Melanie Martin

  • Martin

Degree Earned: B.A., communications (School of Communications and Theater)

Hometown: Largo, Md.

What brought you to Temple?

After graduating, I wanted to move to New York City and perform on Broadway, but my mom wanted me to get a degree. I chose Temple for its communications major. I’m so glad I came here.

How did you adjust to life in Philadelphia?

Easy.  I feel like I am a city girl who was born and raised in the suburbs.

How did you manage to get your own show on Temple’s student radio station WHIP?

One day I was watching the TV show, “The View”, and thought it would be so cool to do something like that on campus. I went to WHIP and asked about doing an all-female talk show. They weren’t that interested, but I bugged them for months and finally got the chance to audition. My show, “Fabulously Focused” started in fall 2007.

Now that you’re graduating, what’s next for “Fabulously Focused?”

I’ve extended the “Fabulously Focused” brand into an online magazine, which launched in February ( My overall mission is to empower and bring out the extraordinary in the everyday, ordinary young woman. I wanted to give them the opportunity to have a voice and positive representation.

It’s a lot of work, but I love it. I work with about six writers who I found with the help of Temple professor Scott Gratson. We write about what we want to write about, such as fashion and music for the important college-age female market, which I think is really overlooked.

Any other plans for life after graduation?

There are so many things I’d like to do: eventually publish the magazine in print; work for a female-based media company; produce an online video series to help college-age women make the most of what they have, and continue performing theater.

What will you miss most about Temple?

The opportunity to grow, to make so many mistakes, fall so flat on my face and have no one judge me.

What would you say to the students following you?

There are so many opportunities here but you have to take advantage of them. There are so many professors here who can help you. Also remember that everything you’re going through everyone else is going through. You’re not alone. Ride things out. Have fun. It’s such a wonderful time.