Professor John Nosek demonstrating GAINS on a tablet with a student
Temple technology advances autism therapy
October 20, 2017
As an innovator, John Nosek is driven by the desire to help children born with developmental delays...
Physicist Jeff Martoff and fellow researchers in a lab
Temple physicist wins prestigious W. M. Keck Foundation grant to investigate dark matter
September 19, 2017
The National Academy of Sciences has called it the No. 1 unanswered question facing astrophysicists...
A horse in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
Temple Rome Celebrates 50 Years
June 13, 2017
To maximize your viewing enjoyment, the gallery is available in fullscreen view.  Learn...
Rachel Paul looking at zebrafish in a tank.
Science for real
May 9, 2017
It’s one thing to read about a new species of coral in a book; it’s entirely different when you...
Volunteers working together to package food.
You came, you served, you gave
May 2, 2017
Temple pride was all out during Global Days of Service and Temple Toast as faculty, students, staff...
Chelsea Walton standing in front of a blackboard full of math equations
Temple mathematician Chelsea Walton named a 2017 Sloan Research Fellow
March 7, 2017
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation named Temple mathematician Chelsea Walton a 2017 Research Fellow,...
Two cents: What to know about advising at Temple
March 4, 2017
Unless you’re planning on being in college forever (hello, best life ever), you’re going to have to...
An illustration of serotonin molecules.
School of Pharmacy launches IBD treatment startup
February 10, 2017
A startup emerging from Temple University's School of Pharmacy builds on the work of two of its...
a student posting a note about giving back on a board for National Philanthropy Day.
We gave and gave big
December 12, 2016
With a swell of pride, Owls gave big on Giving Tuesday. So big that we more than doubled university...
A team of scientists talking in a laboratory.
Accelerating the path from discovery to drug
December 6, 2016
All drugs on the market today originated with someone’s curiosity. Wondering how electricity could...