Posted August 17, 2017

Temple Survival Guide: 5 Things You Should Know About Life at Temple

So, you’re going to be on campus in like five minutes and we’ve done a pretty good job to prep you. Did someone at your orientation make you stand up and shout “T for Temple U”? Yep, we thought so. And as much as that seriously does get you ready for life at Temple (Sup basketball games!) there are a few other things you should know. Like why are we so obsessed with squirrels? JK you have to figure out that yourself, but Nutshell has got your back for the other stuff. 

An illustration of the number five.

1. It’s a good idea to follow Temple’s social media accounts.
You like social media. We like social media. Following our accounts is an easy way to keep up with what’s going on around the university, from announcements to what awesome things your peers and professors are up to.

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2. Be a Night Owl aka eat free food and have fun every Friday night. 
Now that you’re a college student you need to understand the importance of free food—it’s everything, it’s life. That's why we have Night Owl Events every Friday night at the Student Center. There’s also live performances, prizes and more.

3. Know how and where to get your basketball tickets.  
As a student, you’ll get one free ticket to every home men’s and women’s basketball game—as long as they’re still available. Tickets for both teams are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. You can pick up your ticket beginning one hour before gametime at the student entrance of the Liacouras Center (men’s basketball) or the main lobby of mcGonigle Hall (women’s basketball) with your OWLcard.

4. If you find the right ATM you can save money.
You’re going to need cash occasionally, especially for some of those beautiful food trucks on campus (there’s 40+ of them). If you use another bank’s ATM you will be hit with a fee. Sure, it’s just a few bucks, but it will add up quickly over time. It’s worth it to take a minute to figure out where your bank’s ATMs are located—several major banks have ATMs on or near campus.

5. You’re going to get something called a TUalert.
If something happens on or near campus that could be a potential threat to your safety, we want to tell you about it ASAP. You’ll receive a text message and/or email called a TUalert that says what’s going on and what area you should avoid. These alerts are also posted on our official Twitter account—even more reason to follow us. We get it, it’s going to feel weird when you receive your first TUalerts, but we just want you to be informed and, more importantly, safe. Check out more about how the TUalerts work.

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