Posted March 12, 2018

The Truck Stops Here: Richie's Lunch Box

What do we want? Egg and cheese! When do we want it? Now! Forever! Always. If we had the power (we don’t) to make Richie’s egg-and-cheese sandwich Temple’s official unofficial mascot, we totally would. All Nutshell can do is write a food truck review. So that’s what we did. ICYMI: Food-wall-of-famer Richie has a mom, and that mom has a food truck on Norris Street. Richie’s Lunch Box slings breakfast sandwiches, cheesesteaks, some of the cheapest coffee on campus and a muffin so big we’re not sure if we can still call it a muffin. Anddddddd there’s a secret menu item we’re obsessed with that you’ll have to read the review to find out about. 

An illustrated food truck with a plate, fork and knife on the side of the truck.

Among the trucks with some larger-than-life personalities on Norris Street (we’re talking to you, crepe truck), Richie’s Lunch Box is a humble spot and a go-to for many Boyer and Tyler students since it’s right outside the art building and Presser Hall.

Richie’s LB specializes in sandwiches, specifically American classics like burgers, cheesesteaks and wraps. They also have breakfast sandwiches and inexpensive coffee that will be sure to make any early morning better. And we mean early—the truck opens at 6 a.m.

The food is so delicious it basically sells itself, but the service is why people are die-hard fans of this lunch spot. The owner, Lilly, is food wall Richie’s mother and in true mom fashion she knows all the regulars’ names and orders.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff: What should you get from Richie's LB? For breakfast we stand by their fantastic breakfast sandwiches. You can choose your meat, cheese and bread from a variety of different options and customize it your way (salt, pepper, ketchup, plz) to make your morning feast perfect. While it’s not written on the menu, Nutshell knows you can also get a crispy hash brown on your sandwich if you ask nicely.

For lunch and dinner the choices get much more difficult. We have heard good things about their burgers, but we can definitely say the classic cheesesteak and the chicken salad sandwich are two personal favorites. The buffalo chicken cheesesteak and the chicken parmesan wrap are also near and dear to our tummies. All guaranteed to fill you up for the next 36 to 48 hours.

If you’re craving comfort that’s meatless, this truck has an awesome vegetarian selection that goes beyond just salads. We’ve got a soft spot for the veggie bagel sandwich as well as the grilled veggie hoagie since it’s covered in pizza sauce. Wouldn’t everything in life be better if it were slathered in pizza sauce?

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-Hansen Bursic