Posted July 31, 2020

(Almost) everything you need to bring on move-in day

With move-in day right around the corner, we’ve got you covered with the essentials you need for life in University Housing. 

Photography By: 
Joseph V. Labolito
Hooter posing in front of Morgan Hall.

This story was updated on July 26, 2023.

Moving into your own space is inspiring, exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Your residence hall should serve as more than just somewhere to sleep—it’s your personal space to recharge, study, socialize and relax as you acclimate to college life. 

Whether it’s your first year on campus, you’re a returning student, or you’re transferring, read on to find out what essential items you should bring and things you need to know to ensure a smooth start to your year of living in University Housing. 

What to do before move-in. 

1. Report your immunizations. 
Learn more about which immunizations are required for incoming Temple students. Go to the Student Health website and log in to My Online Student Health to report your immunizations or sign the waiver before you get to campus. You’ll need your Accessnet username and password to log in. 

2. Know your assigned move-in date.
Specific details about move-in will be sent through e-mail in early July.  Students will be prompted to self-select their exact move-in date and time through the MyHousing Portal by August 1, 2023. 


What to bring with you. 

1. Sheets, pillows, blankets and towels
There are two bed dimensions in Temple’s residence halls: regular twin or twin XL. Be sure to buy the right size sheets (and an extra set!) to fit your bed. Don’t forget towels, either. Pro tip: add some colorful pillows and blankets for extra pizzazz. 

STANDARD TWIN: 75” x 39” 
• 1300 Residence Hall 1st through 3rd floor suites 
• Beech International Village 

EXTRA-LONG: 80” x 39” 
• 1300 Residential Hall 4th and 5th floor apartments 
• 1940 Residence Hall 
• Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Hall 
• James S. White Hall 
• Temple Towers 

2. Room decorations and materials for wall hangings
One of the greatest parts of customizing your space is the freedom to bring decorations that reflect your personal style, such as posters, photographs, string lights—you name it. You’ll want to decorate your room to be as cozy as possible so it feels like your new home. Some things that might help with this are family photos, items from home, comfy pillows and stuffed animals, or anything else that reminds you of home. Don’t forget to bring the necessary materials to hang these items as well. We recommend poster putty and Command strips for easy, damage-free wall hangings. Some people also like to bring a rug, lamp, and plastic storage containers. There are some restrictions, like no candles or contact paper and only 50% of your walls can be covered. Make sure you read the Fall 2023 Move-in Guide for the full list of don’ts.  

3. Electronics and appliances 
Of course, bring whatever electronics you may need, such as a laptop, headphones, a fan, and personal appliances with shut-off features such as a coffee maker. Additional items that are optional include a TV, USB cables, chargers, a printer (there are plenty of places to print on campus, so this one is totally up to you!), etc.

You may only bring refrigerators that are less than 3.6 cubic feet and are ENERGY STAR–rated. You can contract our preferred vendor, Campus Specialists, by visiting

Protip: Bring a powerstrip to make sure you can use all of your electronics. 

4. Cable lock or safe
A cable lock can help keep your laptop safe, or an actual small safe can help protect other valuable items.

5. Trash can
This might seem like an obvious one, but bring a trash can for your room. Temple doesn’t provide them for each room. 

6. Laundry detergent, hamper and quarters
Like it or not, living on your own also means that laundry will become part of your routine. Bring some laundry detergent, a hamper or clothing bag for easy transport and quarters to run the machine. 

Pro tip: You can also use Diamond Dollars on your OWLcard to pay for laundry. Not all laundry machines on campus accept Diamond Dollars, though. 

A student settling into her new dorm room

Temple student Alicia Hutchinson makes her dorm room as cozy as possible to transition into her new home in fall of 2019. (Photo by Joseph V. Labolito)'

7. A reusable water bottle 
Not only is it better for the environment, but you’ll be able to fill your bottle using the automatic bottle filling option at the fountains. 

8. Cleaning supplies
Living on your own means you have the extra responsibility of keeping your space tidy. Throw some cleaning and disinfecting products on your packing list...AND be sure to actually use them when you get here. Temple will keep common spaces in your residence hall clean, but you’re responsible for your own space. 

9. Health items
These could include your health insurance card, medications you may take, over-the-counter pain relief medicine such as Tylenol or Motrin, bandages and whatever else you may need.


For more details about the move-in process, check out the full Fall 2023 Move-in Guide. We can’t wait to see you!