Posted February 5, 2021

Fun stuff to do: February 2021 edition

Pack your bags, we’re off to the interwebs.

In-between Zoom calls, let’s embark on adventures near and far ... right from our sofas.

Rendering Justice
The African American Museum in Philadelphia brings you three powerful exhibitions that examine mass incarceration, youth activism and the contributions of Black Philadelphians. Throughout this month and every month, the AAMP celebrates Black individuals and their legacies. Explore other city exhibits highlighting the African American experience.

When the word is love
What better time to learn about Philadelphia's iconic landmark, the LOVE statue? Inspired by his own poem, Robert Indiana installed his famed four-letter piece in John F. Kennedy Plaza—better known as LOVE Park—back in 1976. But LOVE is not just a sculpture; it’s part of a worldwide project.

Afterwards, virtually travel around the City of Brotherly Love to learn about other public art pieces.

Yoga with Benji
Owls need to stretch their tail feathers, too. Yoga courses are so accessible in the digital age and there’s dozens of free options for you to pursue. Adriene Mishler, renowned yoga instructor, kicked off a 30-day workout flow to ring in the new year, but it’s not too late for you to take the journey with her. We’re partial to her instruction due to a furry friend who always helps realign her chakras.

Witches and wizards, prepare to immerse yourself (again) into the magical world of Harry Potter. In this exciting escape room, explore the depths of the castle, duel at midnight in the Forbidden Forest, shop in Diagon Alley for cauldrons and cloaks and more through puzzles and riddles. No prior Hogwarts acceptance letter needed to participate.

Return to Neotopia
Remember daily runs to the ancient ruins of Tyrannia to fetch a free omelette for your starving Neopet? Channel your early childhood energy and create an account on, a virtual pet website, where you can play games, build a home and even adopt a pet for your pet—a pet pet! How adorable.

Just be sure to request the family computer room for ample Neopet bonding time.

Galentine’s Day
Snuggle up with your besties for Parks and Recreation’s renowned Galentine’s Day episode, the actual title of which is “Operation Ann.” Celebrate the female friendships we hold so dear for free on Peacock.

Visit the red planet
Which one is that again? Oh yeah—Mars! In collaboration with NASA, Google brings us an out-of-this-world experience where we travel the terrain of our neighboring heavenly body. And this is no CGI, the footage you’ll see was recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover straight from Mars!

Play Quiplash
“Heartthrob huckleberry,” “charmed whoopie pie” and “betrothed owl” are all appropriate answers when you’re playing Quiplash. There are no rules or correct answers—you just say whatever you want! Answer silly prompts and test your wit against your friends, as our responses are pitted against other players in a head-to-head battle. 

National Park Explorer
Kayak between icebergs, shoot down a lava tube and ride horseback through Bryce Canyon all in one trip. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks comprises five immersive adventures where we trek the Earth’s greatest formations all from the comfort of our couches. 

Ravioli, Ravioli, Great Barrier Reef!
Shake off the winter doldrums with a deep dive through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, accompanied by the posh cadence of David Attenborough-narrated videos and an educational, interactive map.

Podcast Phanatic
Talk diversity education with IDEAListic, dating apps with Didem, and much more through engrossing podcasts hosted by your fellow owls.

Honorable Mention: Call-in’ Oates
Yes, Virginia, there is a phone line dedicated to Hall & Oates. Jam out to the dynamic pop duo—composed of Temple alumni Daryl Hall and John Oates—in whatever part of your house you may be in. Just dial 719-26-OATES and choose from among the group’s classics: “One on One,” “Maneater”, “Rich Girl” or “Private Eyes.” We can go for that!

—Nick Eiser