Posted April 30, 2021

Alumni resources: The nest is a forever home

We’ve curated a list of alumni resources for recent graduates as they transition into their next chapter.

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Well, you did it! And we know it wasn’t easy. But now is the time to celebrate your milestone and look forward to the future. Speaking of the future … you may be leaving the nest, but the nest will never leave you! 

If you are under 30 and a graduate of Temple, you’re automatically a member of the Temple University Young Alumni Association (TUYA), a large group of Temple grads that is part of the even bigger Temple University Alumni Association (TUAA)—the umbrella organization that serves all alumni.

TUYA is distinctive in its dedication to young alumni. The association connects alumni to diverse opportunities and resources aimed at driving them to success and fostering meaningful connections among the Temple community. That being said, explore these resources as you transition into your next chapter.

1. Level up your ID
First things first, you should upgrade your Temple ID to an alumni card (the office is closed for the time being, so you’ll have to do this online). You’ll fill out a form and be granted a single login to the TUAA website and your TUportal, followed by instructions on how to obtain your physical card!

You’ll still have access to your AccessNet (which enables your access to Temple’s many online resources, including TUmail and TUportal) for one year after graduation, even if you don’t update it. But why not jump ahead into the alumni experience? As long as you keep updating and renewing your account, you’ll have lifetime access to this resource.

P.S. You can also update your contact information to ensure you stay connected to Temple.

2. Access
Now that you have your card, where can you use it? Long story short, Charles Library, Campus Rec and the OWLTech Store are all open to alumni.

At Charles Library, the alumni card doubles as your library card, giving you access to the building and various services like book/DVD checkout and digital databases.

Campus Rec is currently closed for alumni, but they plan to open up as soon as safely possible. In the meantime, consider the Temple gym memberships available. When Campus Rec is open for alumni, it offers cost-effective memberships spanning from single semester, summer or annual access.

OWLTech is your on-campus, one-stop technology shop, where you can purchase products from all your favorite brands, including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Skullcandy and many more. Consultants will offer you expert technological advice and support, including a robust trade-in program for your old devices.

And while on that note, learn the ways your access to Temple tech resources will change upon graduation and how you can extend your subscriptions to particular platforms.

3. Finances
iGrad, a free online resource, is your go-to for financial wellness. It provides tools and techniques for you to make informed financial decisions when dealing with budgeting, banking, credit card management and financial goals. Use this financial literacy platform as you navigate your financial journey and plan for the future.

4. Savings
Temple partners with multiple companies in order to save you cash.

Let there be discounted light! DYK you can earn 3% cash back on your energy bill? Take a look at Energy Plus and see what electrifying deals they offer Temple alumni

To assist you with all things insurance, TUAA partners with Meyer and Associates, an insurance program that exclusively serves affinity groups from organizations they partner with (aka Temple). The group offers auto, home and renters, life, dental, telehealth and much more.

5. Discounts
Alumni status saves you money in more ways than one.

Temple partners with ZipCar, a self-service online car rental company. They’re stationed right near campus on 1516 N. Sydenham St. All you have to do is verify your driver’s license (usually approved within minutes) from the ZipCar app. Then you can book a roundtrip in one of their cars by the hour or day. Choose what discounted membership works best for you

So you’re riding in your ZipCar on a trip to the city with your closest friends. Maybe some good reads can help your passengers pass the time?

Temple University Press titles are discounted by 30%—just use the promotion code TUALUM at checkout online. But that’s not all. Alumni are also eligible for a 50% discount on their subscription to Spotlight Media Labs, a fresh news distribution company dedicated to the unfiltered and unbiased delivery of content from a broad range of publications. Uniquely targeting college students and young alumni, Spotlight partners with over a 100 college newspapers. Through their online services, users customize their newsfeed to subjects of their interest.

And finally you’ve reached your destination—REC Philly!

REC Philly is a coworking hub of independent creatives, hence REC (Resources for Every Creator). Located in the Center City Fashion District, the space is partly alumni-owned and they offer a 10% discount to new members with a student ID or alumni card. Enjoy an ecosystem that provides education curriculum, events and concerts, as well as a sense of community.

6. Network
Owl Network is your homebase for connecting to Owls everywhere and building your professional network. It recommends networking connections and job positions based on your account information. What makes this platform different from others like LinkedIn is the Temple aspect. It’s an environment where students and alumni can interact with each other, share resources and recommend each other for professional opportunities. The best way to signup is using your new alumni AccessNet and from there you’ll be able to browse open positions in your field, find networking events and interact with fellow alumni.

Believe it or not, Temple alumni can be found in-person, too! Regional alumni chapters span across the country and globe—from Baltimore to San Diego to Japan, you can find chapters hosting cultural get-togethers, social gatherings and networking events!

7. Career
A resume is never done! Seek out our Career Center for continuing professional support and guidance as you transition into the working world. For a year after graduation, the Career Center offers same-day appointments and unlimited access to career coaching sessions. You can continue to schedule two 30-minute sessions per year for up to five years.

In addition to in-person appointments, the Career Center can connect you to a ton of online resources and networking groups.

8. Class of 2021
By the way, there’s special young alumni programming dedicated to making the transition from college student to alum easier during your first year as a Temple grad. As part of the TUYA,  targeted Class of 2021 programming helps you stay connected to Temple and provides assistance as you navigate big job interviews or figuring out how your job’s benefits work.

If you find the aforementioned resources a bit overwhelming, TUYA is a helpful stepping stone for learning what’s available to you as a new alum.

Want to stay connected? Follow TUAA on social platforms to keep in touch with your Temple community.

Nick Eiser