Posted August 20, 2021

Things you need to know: Temple lingo edition

This guide will prepare you for Temple terms and lingo you’re going to need to know as the semester kicks off.

This article was updated on August 30, 2023.

Starting college can be overwhelming—you’re trying to meet people and find your way around campus, nevermind learning new lingo and terms that you might not be familiar with. Where is that beach that everyone’s talking about hidden on campus? Have students actually discovered a wardrobe to get to Narnia? And what even are Diamond Dollars and a “Fly in 4” agreement? Don’t worry—we’ve got the inside scoop on all of the things you’re going to need to know.

Diamond Dollars
Diamond Dollars are Temple University’s own currency. You (or your loved ones) can upload money to your OWLcard for you to use. When you’ve had one too many meals at the dining halls, swipe your OWLcard at these places on and near campus to diversify your palette. 

Fly in 4
Fly in 4 is a program designed to keep you on track and make sure you meet all of the requirements you need to graduate on time. Most incoming students take part in this program, because, really, who wants to pay for extra semesters of college? You can check out and sign up for this opportunity on TUportal.

The “BSL”
This refers to the Broad Street Line—the subway that you’ll definitely want to know about. You can get around the city quickly using this form of public transportation, plus it’s cheaper than taking an Uber (and it’s better for the environment!). Right across the street from Morgan Hall, you can find the Cecil B. Moore station, where you can take the subway to Center City, South Street, or the NRG Station/Sports Complex for games at Lincoln Financial Field.

Beury Beach
Unfortunately, there isn’t a real beach on campus. (Well actually, there sort of is.) Instead, Beury Beach refers to a huge green space near Beury Hall and the Bell Tower. It’s one of the most popular spots for hanging out. Go here when the weather is nice to do some dog watching or have a picnic with your friends.

Located between Beury Beach and Tyler School of Art and Architecture, there’s a hidden treasure. Named for the mystical world in C.S. Lewis' famous novels, entering this shaded green space is truly like stepping through a magical door and into a lush escape from the rest of campus. Make sure you bring a hammock to tie up between two trees or a picnic blanket and take a break from the busy city and Temple’s bustling campus.

Liacouras Walk
Follow this brick road to the heart of campus and several major buildings that you’ll probably find yourself in during your time at Temple. Located along Liacouras Walk, you can find the Fox School of Business, Saxby’s, Maxi’s, 7-Eleven, Charles Library and more. 

The Wall 
Next to the TECH Center, there is literally a wall with several food vendors that serve a wide variety of flavor options to satiate all of your cravings—there’s Richie’s, Tai’s, Eddie’s Pizza, and others. It’s right in front of Anderson and Gladfelter Hall too, so you can grab a quick bite before you head to class!

Short for Johnson and Hardwick, two of the residence halls on campus, J&H is also commonly used to refer to the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center. You can get a true dining hall experience here—buffet style. Hang out with your friends in booths and choose from a large selection of food like pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches and salads.

Just a stone’s throw away from Morgan Hall, the Fresh Grocer is a full-service grocery store that serves as a major food shopping location for many Temple students and the surrounding community (and a place to satiate your late night munchies—it’s open daily until 1 a.m.).

—Hannah Church