Posted August 26, 2021

12 student organizations you’ll want to know about

With more than 300 student organizations at Temple, there is definitely something for everyone. Here are some that you won’t want to miss.


students with painted faces in the Cherry Crusade

Note: This article was updated on Oct. 30, 2023.

The Cool and Crafty

Thrift & Flop
Do you want to learn how to upcycle that old T-shirt or pair of jeans that you never wear anymore? Thrift & Flop is a club where you can learn how to repurpose your old clothes into something you want to wear again. Members also go on trips to thrift stores throughout the city. Meet new friends here who are also into sustainable clothing.

Let’s Bake and Breathe! Temple University
Nothing like tasty treats and self-care! Let’s Bake and Breathe! Temple University meets every three weeks to do a stress-relieving/baking-based activity, announce future events, and socialize with members. Students are encouraged to contribute ideas and take part in a variety of activities including bake sales, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and more! Get baking now. Contact the organization at

The Essential

Main Campus Program Board
Throughout your time at Temple, you’ll definitely run into at least one activity planned by the Main Campus Program Board. By joining one of the board’s committees, you can plan events and activities that bring students together for fun events.

The Temple News
A completely student-run newspaper, The Temple News keeps the student population informed about issues on campus and in the world. They distribute more than 5,000 copies of their newspaper each Thursday to all of the university’s main locations. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of Temple’s own ‘watchdog’ (and getting paid $10 per article), sign up to be a staff writer—no experience necessary! 

Klein College of Media and Communication also has myriad other student-run organizations (and you don’t have to be a Klein student to join all of them). Check them out

Cherry Crusade
Are you a die-hard sports fan? If you’re looking to cheer for Temple’s athletic teams, this is the club for you. The Cherry Crusade is made up of Temple’s most enthusiastic and passionate fans and is nicknamed the Heart Beat of Broad Street. Join the members of this club and promote all of the athletic teams on campus and host watch parties for away games.

Temple Student Government
Do you have an interest in politics? Are you passionate about Temple and bettering other students’ college experiences? Whatever your passion, you can join Temple Student Government and act as a leader for the university. Make a real difference in the Temple community and have your voice heard as a student activist.

Feminist Alliance
Fight for equal rights with other like-minded folks in this organization. Temple’s Feminist Alliance raises awareness and continues the conversation surrounding intersectional feminism within ourselves, the Temple community and Philadelphia.

Temple University Mock Trial
If you love courtroom dramas, acting or arguing, you might enjoy mock trial. Students compete against other teams and put on a whole case in front of judges. You could be an attorney or a witness for an ultimate showdown of the rules of evidence and great acting skills.

The Out Of The Box

Diamond Dogs 
Calling all dog lovers! Students will have the opportunity to visit local animal shelters and get paws-on experience with dogs. Members will engage with dogs and walk and play with them. The club also organizes fundraising events throughout the semester to help support local animal shelters. The organization can be contacted at

Insomnia Theater
Maybe you long for the spotlight, or dream of writing for a popular movie or television show. No matter if you’re in it for the acting, directing or writing, Insomnia Theater is guaranteed to challenge and excite you. Students work together twice a semester to produce and perform a series of comedic skits in 24 hours. No experience required.

Temple Formula Racing
Temple Formula Racing provides opportunities for every major! Different majors collaborate together and take on different roles. Engineers design and build the car while business majors handle budgeting, marking, social media and general team operations. Film majors produce content for the team and arts majors work alongside the engineers to create the molds for carbon fiber body panels, design the livery, and do graphic design. If you’re feeling the need for speed contact the organization at

Temple Roundnet
The sport of Spikeball has been popular at Temple for a while. You can join Temple Roundnet and meet students who also love the game! Don’t know how to play? No worries!. It is played 2 vs. 2, with a taut hula hoop-sized Spikeball net placed between teams. A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at fellow opponents. You then have up to three hits between to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. Spike your friends into next week and contact the organization at

Hannah Church