Posted January 21, 2022

Unexpected uses for TUportal

TUportal has been there for you from the day you committed to Temple—and with so many resources, it’s important to know all of the ways you can use it!

Photography By: 
Ryan S. Brandenberg
A student using a laptop in the TECH Center.

You probably use TUportal quite a bit—to register for classes, complete student feedback forms and keep up with your next steps. But as the name suggests, your TUportal is your personal hub for a wide variety of resources and tools you have access to as a student. And knowing everything you can find there is a great way to increase your professional and creative skills and get access to everything Temple has to offer!

Did you know that as a Temple student, you have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, professional and creative skill course website, Temple Libraries, and more? On the left side of the home page is a whole list of software and programs you can access to expand your creative and professional potential and find tons of new information!

COVID-19 protocols
To keep yourself and others safe, it’s always good to keep up with the latest updates and guidelines concerning COVID-19 and Temple. Under the COVID-19 Information tab, you’ll find a list of protocols to help you stay up to date with safety measures and questions you may have about vaccines, student and employee safety, what to do if you test positive, and more.

Career Center
DYK? Temple has its own job and internship portal, Handshake, which can be accessed through the Career Center section of TUportal. Through the portal, you can also book appointments with the Career Center to receive guidance and get your career-related questions answered. Through Handshake and the other career resources found on the portal, you can also find internship and job postings!

Student records 
Have you ever needed to know exactly how much progress you’ve made towards your degree and the requirements you still have to meet? Care for an unofficial transcript? Through TUportal, under Student Tools and to the right, under Student Records, you’ll find DARS, where you can run a degree audit. In this section of the page, you’ll also find a video tutorial on how to use it. This audit will show you what credits and requirements you’ve fulfilled, which ones are in progress, and what you still need to do. At the end, you’ll find an unofficial transcript. All of these things provide you with some necessary information and will help to keep you on track!

—Corinna Boeck