Posted February 9, 2022

The truck stops here: Squared2 Pizza

Dont be a square: grab yourself a slice of pizza from Temple’s newest food truck!

Have you had a long day of classes or a busy day taking exams and found yourself craving some delicious pizza? Nutshell has you covered. Look no further than Squared2 Pizza, one of Temple University’s newest food trucks on campus, located on North 12th Street!

The food truck comes complete with music and a nice seating area where customers can sit and enjoy their delicious slices of pizza. Every student who orders is met with a smile from owners Nicole Belizan and Tom Maroulis. 

This is Squared2 Pizza’s first year at Temple; they opened once classes started for the fall semester.

“We love the idea of being in an environment where we have people from all over,” said Belizan. “We’re excited that we have a community here that is open to trying new things.”

The menu offers a variety of square-shaped slices with lots of toppings including mushrooms, chicken, spinach, Philly steak and pepperoni. Slices are topped with house-made sauces like vodka, marinara and pesto.

Some of the bestselling, most delicious slices are Chicken on the Ranch, a combination of mouth-watering chicken, bacon and ranch dressing, and the vodka slice, which is topped with homemade vodka sauce.

The menu changes frequently, with different varieties of tasty slices available every two weeks. 

“I think what makes us different is that we do change out our slices quite a bit so every time you come you’ll probably see a new pie out that we’ve kind of invented,” Belizan said.

This past Halloween, Squared2 Pizza offered a special candy pie and recently tested out new slices with Mike’s Hot Honey, which has become popular with customers. 

Because of the positive response from customers, Squared2 Pizza will continue to create unique and tasty pizza slices for the upcoming semesters.

Slices cost between $4 and $5 and a full pie costs anywhere from $20 to $25. If you’re feeling a bit hungry and order two slices for around $8.48, they come with your choice of a free drink. 

They have also started doing delivery and pay a portion of the delivery fee to make it more accessible to students. The delivery fee is $4.99 with no additional charges.

Squared2 Pizza plans to add pastas to their menu in the future and looks forward to feeding hungry students all around campus.

You can check out Squared2 Pizza on their instagram  @squaredtemple where new slices that have been added to their menu are posted.

  —Matthew Aquino