Posted February 5, 2024

Understanding Black history at Temple

Explore campus organizations, resources and classes celebrating Black history at Temple.

Learn more about BLACK HISTORY @Temple

At Temple, diversity is part of our DNA, and we’re proud to celebrate the culture, contributions and history of African Americans and honor the unique challenges faced by Black community. For Black History Month, we compiled this list of student organizations, campus resources and courses for understanding and uplifting each other any time of year.

Get organized … join a student org!
Temple has A LOT of clubs and student organizations to explore. Here are just a few!

Black Student Union (BSU) 
The Black Student Union strives to unite, uplift and connect the Black student body. BSU offers educational sessions, events, community service opportunities and cultural experiences. Become a member this semester to ignite positive change and connect with Black and brown students on campus!

Association of Black Journalists 
Calling all aspiring journalists! Temple’s Association of Black Journalists seeks to expand opportunities for aspiring journalism students through networking, professional development and community service events. Attend one of the organization’s biweekly meetings and become a part of expanding diversity in the media industry. 

Organization of African Students (OAS)
The OAS exists to support African students through cultural events as well as raising political and social community awareness. Connect with African culture through interactive events, such as the OAS annual pageant and fashion show! 

Dynamic Afrique 
Passionate about AfroDance? Dynamic Afrique is Temple’s ONE and ONLY African dance team. Dynamic Afrique invites all aspiring dancers to join and perform, sharing the culture of African dance across Temple. 

Your Flowers
Your Flowers is a club aspiring to foster an active, safe space for Black queer people at Temple. Honoring and inviting open discourse on the diverse experiences of Black LGBTQ+ life, Your Flowers aims to create a space where you can embrace your truest self. 

Women of Color Creatives 
Join a creative space! The mission of Women of Color Creatives is to empower female creatives through networking discussions and events. Meet with like-minded creatives, fostering an inspiring space to grow as an artist. 

Your sources for resources
On-campus resources are available to support students in their personal, professional and cultural development. Here are a few highlights. 

Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) is a space where students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to share their experiences and empower one another. The IDEAL office provides a variety of spaces to meet, including the Burrow Lounge Space, inviting Owls to study, relax and conduct productive discussions with one another. 

Blockson Collection 
Did you know Temple is home to one of the most prestigious collections of African American artifacts in the country? The Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, located in Sullivan Hall, is home to a collection of over 500,000 items encompassing the global Black experience. Visit today and explore Black history, from first-edition works by Phyllis Wheatley to narratives by Frederick Douglass.

Career in Color 
Career development is integral to all professional endeavors! Career in Color is a career center providing resources and events for students of color specifically. Looking for an internship or career? Stop by and utilize Career in Color’s services to feel supported through your professional ventures. 

Center for Anti-Racism 
Temple’s Center for Anti-Racism fights racism through community advocacy, programming, research and training. Learning about the manifestation of racism ignites transformative awareness and change. The Center for Anti-Racism shines a light on the effects of racism through educational speaker panels and events. 

Class is in session
One of the best ways to learn more about Black history is in the classroom! Get ahead of the curve for next semester and explore some of Temple’s many electives offered though the Africology and African American studies program.

AAAS 1253: Blacks in World History 
This introductory course explores the expansive field of Black history, both in Africa and the New World. Providing a foundation for Black history, enrolled students can gain a deeper understanding of the past, which evolves into the present.

AAAS 1152: Introduction to African Aesthetics 
Overviewing the cultural experience of African peoples, Intro to African Aesthetics will uncover the dynamic interrelationships, similarities and differences in expressions of African culture. 

AAAS 1271: Urban Black Politics 
Living in an urban space, it is necessary to understand the political activity existing within cities. Diving into the sociohistorical condition of African Americans inhabiting cities, this course will discuss the nature of urban politics and the future of politics for African Americans, especially within the Philadelphia area. 

AAAS 2151: History of Blacks in Cinema 
From the early 1900s to the present, the history of Black cinema is expansive! This course highlights and analyzes the portrayals of individuals of African descent cinematically. From Hollywood to experimental foreign films, the course will analyze the trends and storytelling of race in the movies.

AAAS 2175: Hip Hop and Black Culture
Hip Hop and Black Culture
will lead students into the rich history of hip-hop culture, music and the contributions made by hip-hop in developing the modern Black aesthetic. The course will discuss both the representation and misrepresentation of African Americans through hip-hop, exploring its role as a form of cultural expression today. 


 - Avery Bumsted, Class of 2025