Sam Hodge pictured.
The future of medicine is artificial
Type: News Story
Samuel Hodge’s new legal review article examines how AI in medicine could impact the legal system
August 19, 2022
Temple Made: Liz Schell
Type: News Story
When there's a medical emergency on Main Campus, often the first people you'll see providing help on the scene are the bike-mounted student volunteer first responders and EMTs of Temple University Emergency Medical Services. In this week's installment of the student profile series, meet EMT Liz Schell.
April 29, 2013
Tactile imaging sensor can assist doctors with early identification of tumors
Type: News Story
A tactile imaging sensor developed by Temple Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chang-Hee Won can emulate human tactile sensation, which may help doctors get early information about lesions and tumors.
January 18, 2012