Temple will test TU Siren and TUAlert system

As part of Temple's Emergency Preparedness initiative, the Main Campus emergency TU Siren will be tested on Thursday, May 31st, beginning at noon. The test will include two 3-minute siren activations and a TU Alert activation. TU Siren and TU Alert are critical components of Temple University's Emergency Notification system and regular testing of our system is necessary to ensure its effectiveness. For more information on TU Ready, how to register for TU Alert, and what to do in the event of an incident, please visit

As part of the TU Siren test, the following communications will be sent:

  • A text message (to all individuals who have registered their cell phone number)
  • An email (to all Temple email accounts)
  • A voice message (to all individuals who have registered their cell phone number)


A TU Alert is sent when a determination is made that immediate action is required on the part of the campus community because of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff on campus.

TU Siren is used only to communicate information regarding an incident that occurs on or around campus that is deemed a catastrophic and life-threatening situation (e.g. severe weather or release of hazardous material). The siren indicates the need for all to shelter-in-place, unless otherwise directed.

Members of the Temple community must register their cell phone numbers in order to have a TU Alert sent directly to their phone. In addition to registering for TU Alert, students, faculty, and staff should be aware of appropriate response procedures (evacuation, shelter in place) for buildings they frequent. Information regarding recommended actions in the event of an incident can be found on the Emergency Preparedness web site

In addition to the TU Alert notifications, a yellow bar will be placed across the top of the Temple home page at This bar will link to an emergency notification page with additional information. Our emergency telephone number, or hotline, will also be activated during this test.