Posted August 26, 2022

Temple launches employee recognition program

Temple University Human Resources has announced the launch of a new employee recognition program, Outstanding Owls, that formally recognizes the outstanding work done by Temple employees. 

Sharon Boyle, vice president of human resources at Temple University outside on Main Campus.
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Joseph V. Labolito
Outstanding Owls will recognize select employees quarterly in one of four different categories: teamwork and collaboration, customer service, above and beyond and leadership.

Temple University Human Resources (HR) has announced the launch of a new employee recognition program, Outstanding Owls. 

Quarterly, the university will award one employee in one of four different categories: teamwork and collaboration, customer service, above and beyond and leadership. The winners are determined by a committee that includes HR employees and other university representatives.

Sharon Boyle, vice president of human resources at Temple, said the program was created to formally recognize the outstanding work that Temple employees do to support the university, its students and each other every day. The program will also provide a vehicle for employees to support and acknowledge their colleagues. The winners were announced in the August issue of the Human Resources Department’s newsletter, tHRive.

“We’ve always recognized that Temple employees are dedicated and outstanding, performing incredibly day after day; however, we didn’t have a university vehicle for formal recognition or the ability for other employees to acknowledge their coworkers,” she said.  

A group of HR employees worked to develop the program and partnered with Temple’s Information Technology Services to develop an online nomination process that allows employees to nominate other employees easily through TUportal. “This team did a great job and were committed to creating a program and process that would honor their colleagues. I’m truly grateful for their work,” Boyle said. 

Many employees responded by nominating their colleagues and sharing stories of how each has made a difference at Temple. “So many employees recognized their colleagues through the nomination process, and we want to make sure that they know they are appreciated,” she said. 

According to Boyle, the work each employee does at Temple is essential to the university’s mission. She hopes that the employee recognition program not only creates a sense of community for employees, but also demonstrates that they are valued not only by the university, but by each other.

Below are the four Temple University employees we are honoring this quarter.

Above and Beyond is awarded to an employee who is committed to putting in the extra effort in a way that exceeds expectations. They are the first to volunteer to help and are always willing to take on new tasks, challenges and projects.

Joann Dicroce-O’Hara, secretary, Health Science Center 

“Joann has been with Temple for 44 years, and she consistently overachieves for the facilities department. She goes out of her way to assist all people, indiscriminate of their position, in their daily tasks and makes everyone feel appreciated and loved.”—colleague

Collaboration and Teamwork is awarded to an employee who understands and actively demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal. They work effectively across groups using outstanding communication, empathy, honesty and responsibility. They listen intentionally to the concerns, opinions and ideas of others.

Tanya Santiago, senior department administrative specialist, College of Science and Technology

“Tanya has stepped up continually in times of a crisis to make herself available to help, even when she is busy handling duties for one of the biggest departments in our college. Whenever we have a new admin in a department, she always volunteers to answer their questions and tells them they can call if they need help; the experience she provides is invaluable.”—colleague

Customer Service is awarded to an employee who consistently approaches constituents with professionalism, patience and a “people first” attitude. They make others throughout the Temple community feel welcomed and cared for. They are proactively helpful, possess emotional intelligence and provide clear communication when working with others to provide services or information. 
Matthew McCormick, research machinist, College of Science and Technology

“Issues pop up in the daily operations of mechanical systems in a place as large as Temple that require having to think outside the box when parts aren’t available, so that is when we turn to Matt. In this age where so much of science is on the computer, Matt is the man when you actually have to build something.”—colleague

Leadership is awarded to an employee who communicates a clear vision and helps others reach their goals. They see the potential in everyone and encourage others to stretch beyond their comfort zone. They lead by example through team building, conflict resolution and critical thinking. They employ excellent communication, self-awareness, accountability and integrity. They make difficult decisions while making all parties feel respected.

Veronica Holloway, senior administration, College of Liberal Arts

“Veronica is the glue that keeps the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience running smoothly. She meets with the staff on a regular basis to address any support needs and exemplifies good leadership skills that help complete work-related tasks..” —colleague