Posted October 13, 2023

What college life is like for students in Philadelphia

We asked Class of 2023 graduates to share highlights from their Philadelphia college experience. Here’s what they told us. 

 What I love about being a college student in Philly
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Betsy Manning

For students at Temple University, the privilege of studying in the heart of Philadelphia, ‘the birthplace of America,’ offers access to a vibrant and culturally diverse city where there are limitless opportunities for adventure, learning, career development and personal growth. Recent graduates from the Class of 2023 shared their unique experiences and favorite parts of being college students in Philadelphia, shedding light on the benefits of Temple University’s metropolitan location and the variety of opportunities it presents to its students. 

A standout feature of Temple University is its location in the heart of the city. Grace Ratkey, CPH ’23, expressed her appreciation for the university’s proximity to the city’s extensive public transportation network. Temple’s Main Campus is conveniently located on the Broad Street Line, one of the city’s major subway routes, making it easy for students to access various parts of the city via SEPTA’s Regional Rail service and multiple bus lines. “Temple’s location has been great for experiencing Philadelphia. It is such a huge asset and has been a significant part of the college experience,” said Ratkey. 

Temple’s central campus location also provides students with easy access to various parts of the city. Notably, it’s a short Amtrak train ride away from cities like New York and Washington, D.C., offering opportunities for exploration and networking beyond Philadelphia. “I can take a train down to New York, so the ease of transportation has been a great means of further exploring new areas and cities,” said Zoe Turner, ENG ’23

Sasha Averianov, FOX ’23, emphasized the balance Temple’s location strikes between a bustling city and a peaceful campus. While Temple offers a calm environment, it’s just a quick subway ride away from the heart of Philadelphia. “Being at Temple, it’s nice that the campus is a bit calmer than living directly in the center of the city. But, at the same time, if you want to go downtown, it’s only a quick subway ride away,” said Averianov who hails from nearby Bucks County. She also highlighted the joy of exploring the city’s diverse cultures, savoring new culinary experiences, and visiting iconic sites like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

Morgan Schafer, ENG ’23, also made the most of her time in Philadelphia by exploring its diverse neighborhoods. She enjoyed attending concerts, events at the Kimmel Center and sampling the city’s culinary delights. “Coming from a more rural area, you don’t always see all of the different cuisines that Philly has to offer. So, taking advantage of that here and enjoying some great food has been a pleasure,” she said. 

Philadelphia is renowned for having one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the country. Temple’s location on North Broad Street in North Philadelphia places it in the heart of this fervent sports culture. Nisarg Patel, CST ’23, explained how this dynamic enriched his time at Temple. “As a first-year student, when choosing Temple University, I also chose Philadelphia because it comes with the unmatched pride that all the sports fans and students here have for the city,” he said. Patel appreciates the convenience of the short subway ride to the city’s sports complexes and the electrifying atmosphere during major sporting events. 

Studying at Temple University means that students immerse themselves in the dynamic and culturally rich environment of Philadelphia. Temple’s location in the heart of Philadelphia is a gateway to all that this vibrant city has to offer, making it an exceptional place for students to pursue their education while enjoying the unique charm of Philadelphia. 

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