Posted September 26, 2023

A guide to classes, programs and clubs that celebrate Hispanic identity and culture

Here at Temple there are so many ways to explore Hispanic culture all year long.

Image of a Hispanic Heritage Month logo.

This article was updated on 9/26/2023.

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, but even after the monthlong celebration is over, Temple offers a whole host of classes, clubs and programming for exploring Hispanic culture and identity.


Temple offers classes both in English and Spanish, where students can learn about aspects of Hispanic culture ranging from its food to political systems. Dive deep into the culture with a class from the Latin American studies program or get a taste for Hispanic culture while fulfilling undergraduate GenEd requirements.

Classes in English

Bilingual Communities (Spanish 0826)* 

Immigration and American Dream (Spanish 0831)* 

Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience in the U.S. (Sociology 0835)* 

Human Behavior: Eating Cultures (Spanish 0837)* 

Latino Immigration (Latin American Studies 0854)*

Global/World Society: World Society in Literature & Film (Latin American Studies 0868)* 

Women in Latin American Art (Latin American Studies 2040) 

Comparative Political Systems in Latin America (Latin American Studies 2231)


Classes in Spanish

Hispanic Readings Spanish (Spanish 2002)  

Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Students (Spanish 2011) 

Latin America Through Film (Spanish 3204) 

Cultures of Latin America (Spanish 3241) 

Translation Skills (Spanish 3401) 

Spanish for Business (3501) 

Spanish for Health Professions (Spanish 3601) 

Medical Spanish (Spanish 3602) 

Spanish for Criminal Justice and Social Services (Spanish 3801)

*GenEd classes 

Study abroad programs

There’s no place like home, unless you really want to immerse yourself in another culture. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese encourages students to study abroad to gain a better appreciation of Hispanic culture, and, fortunately, the Office of Education Abroad has a variety of opportunities for doing just that. 

The Latin American Studies Semester includes several courses in Spanish on Main Campus as well as a trip to Mérida, Mexico, where students are housed by local families while attending classes and participating in excursions and cultural activities. This unique immersion program is offered every spring semester.

Since 2003, the Temple in Spain program has enabled students to study at the University of Oviedo, located in the northern province of Asturias, a culturally rich region in Spain. Thanks to a recently added fall program, Temple in Spain allows students to study in Oviedo during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students can learn more about the various Temple in Spain opportunities at a series of information sessions in the fall and spring. 

The Temple in Spain spring program combines in-class instruction with the opportunity to live and interact with citizens of Oviedo, Spain. Students enroll in the Cursos de Lengua y Cultura Españolas para Extranjeros program from the University of Oviedo.

The Temple in Spain summer program is a smaller, six to seven credit opportunity for students who would like to study in Oviedo over the summer. This program also includes a trip to Madrid allowing students to explore Spain’s capital before classes begin.

The newly added Temple in Spain fall program allows business, computer science, economics, engineering and English literature students to study abroad in Spain while still fulfilling their major requirements.  

The Global Good Program offers students the opportunity to study in Mérida, Mexico, the capital of the Yucatán state and home of the indigenous Maya. Students involved in the program take the GenEd course Intellectual Heritage II: The Global Good, which deals with issues of historical, social and environmental justice. 

Temple Summer in Mexico is an honors history program that takes students on a deep dive into the history and legacies of colonialism in the Yucatán Peninsula. The four-week course teaches students about trends in the development of the western hemisphere through the history of the Yucatán. Along the way, students visit ancient ruins; learn about durable Yucatán folkways; and learn from local experts in the fields of Mayan history, indigenous cultures and the colonial legacies of Mexico. Students can learn more about the Temple Summer in Mexico program at an information session this fall


Clubs are a great way to make friends on campus and explore your interests with like-minded people. They can also be a great way to learn more about Hispanic heritage! So consider grabbing a buddy and checking out some of these Hispanic and Latinx-themed clubs.

The TU Spanish Club aims to educate members on Hispanic culture, cuisine and history while improving Spanish skills through conversation and practice of vocabulary. With conversation groups for Spanish speakers of all levels, the club is a great way to work on your language skills.

Asociacion de Estudiantes Latinos is a great starting point for those interested in Latinx clubs and events on campus. The umbrella organization supports and promotes other Latinx programming on campus, while also aiming to learn about other cultures. It is open to any student interested in learning more about Latinx culture.

The Afro-Latinx Student Association’s mission is to raise awareness of Afro-Latinx issues and heritage at Temple. The organization sponsors events, collaborates with other groups within and outside of Temple, and provides support and resources to the Afro-Latinx community on campus. 

The Association of Latino Professionals For America empowers Latinx men and women to become leaders in all sectors of business. With more than 81,000 members across the country, this organization provides networking and professional leadership opportunities, summer internships, and professional development of Latinx talent. 

The LatinX Media Association provides support, opportunities, professional development and extracurricular opportunities for Latinx students and students interested in Latinx media, communication and culture. 

Esencia Latina is a club for dancers! Members of the club are given the opportunity to explore and experience the Latinx culture through dance performances and workshops, as well as cultural events.

The Hispanic Student Dental Association is a great organization for Temple students interested in improving the oral health of the Hispanic community and the Philadelphia community at large.

The Medical Spanish Club explores the importance of Spanish language and culture within the medical community, and its members learn and practice Spanish medical terminology.