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Temple establishes public cord blood donation program
With the Mason Shaffer Foundation and Community Blood Services, Temple University Hospital has established Philadelphia’s first public cord blood donation program, which can help patients in need of life-saving transplants.
April 15, 2014
Study finds hints of social responsibility in top companies' mission statements
Donnalyn Pompper, SMC ’95, ’01, associate professor in the School of Media and Communication, found that the most profitable companies at the top of the Fortune 500 list are balancing financial success with social responsibility better than companies at the bottom.
April 11, 2014
Abroad and on track: Science majors study in Europe through international consortium
Through a consortium of universities from Europe, Canada and the U.S., Temple science majors can now study at one of 19 European universities in 10 countries and still graduate on time.
April 4, 2014
Study examines deterrent effect of urban greening on crime
A study led by Temple undergraduate student Mary Wolfe and Department of Geography and Urban Studies Associate Professor Jeremy Mennis found that well-maintained vegetation lowered the rates of certain types of crime in urban neighborhoods.
Summer program gives students a head start on undergraduate research
Students in Temple’s Diamond Research Scholars program work under faculty mentors during the summer to develop research projects.
Temple to examine disease management and substance use
To help those struggling with substance use disorders, the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) and the School of Medicine at Temple have received a $2 million award to study the use of specialized, community disease management to reduce substance use and hospital readmissions.
Temple awarded $1.235 million grant for watershed restoration
The Center for Sustainable Communities at Temple has been awarded a $1.235 million grant from the William Penn Foundation to provide oversight, expertise and support for dozens of restoration projects in five watersheds in the Philadelphia region.
Blood test to predict Alzheimer’s shows promise
A new study involving a researcher in Temple's School of Medicine offers hope for a blood test that can read the signature of Alzheimer’s before the onset of symptoms.
Chronic sleep disturbance might trigger onset of Alzheimer’s
People who experience chronic sleep disturbances might face an earlier onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to a new preclinical study by Temple researchers.
Deer populations disrupt plant species
Overabundant deer populations in U.S. forests and wooded areas facilitate the growth of invasive plant species at the expense of native plant species, according to a new study that included Assistant Professor of Biology Rachel Spigler.
Smellizing—imagining a product’s smell—increases consumer desire, study finds
In a recent study, Professor of Marketing Maureen Morrin in the Fox School of Business at Temple examined the impact that imagining what a food smells like would have on consumer behavior.
Understanding how children make memories
Young children are great at remembering facts, but not as good at remembering experiences. That’s because the ability to recall details about autobiographical moments is not fully developed until age five. Temple psychologist Nora Newcombe has designed a way to test this kind of memory in children.
Temple to evaluate urban stormwater-management controls
Thanks to a four-year $1-million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Temple’s Main Campus will become a living laboratory for the study and evaluation of stormwater management controls and practices in urban environments.