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Student Success

Michael C. Busza: Creating inclusion
A Producing & Directing course with Assistant Professor Kristine Trever Weatherston spurred Michael C. Busza—who double-majored in English and communications—to create, write and direct Temple’s first full-length web sitcom, "one of the guys."
April 17, 2014
Brittany Redfern: Experience and determination
For her senior research project in sociology, Brittany Redfern drew on her personal experience as a single mother to shed light on the poorly understood causes for socioeconomic and racial disparities in breast-feeding rates among women in the U.S.
April 15, 2014
Public-history partnership leads to full-time work for Temple graduate
Seth Bruggeman, director of Temple’s Center for Public History, is collaborating with the Print Center—an art gallery and education center in Rittenhouse Square—to offer an internship and a full-time job to Mary O’Neill, a graduate student of public history.
April 15, 2014
Zahra Safa: Invested in finance
Temple’s commitment to controlling student debt and increasing financial literacy extends far beyond Main Campus. Thanks to Zahra M. Safa—a student of accounting in the Fox School of Business—lessons in financial literacy have extended to Central America.
PECO helps create better futures for Temple students
Since its inception, the PECO Scholars Program has provided $100,000 to 49 Temple students. This year, it has enabled Jaslyn Johnson, a junior in the College of Science and Technology, to complete her degree after a family tragedy threatened to put her college career on hold.
Keeping Philadelphia’s soil safe
For the past year and a half, Temple graduate student Stephen P. Peterson, CST ’11, has been examining the presence of lead and other potentially harmful heavy metals in the soil of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.
Alumnus eases finances for nontraditional podiatric medicine students
In December, Eric Woolley received word that he was a recipient of the Isadore P. Forman, DPM, Scholarship, established by Lawrence Levine, POD ’71, in the name of his mentor. The award is earmarked for third-year, nontraditional students of podiatric medicine.
Student turns hardship into service
In May 2011, Joyce Rasing (Class of 2015) was awarded the SIG (Straw into Gold) Scholarship, endowed by Ronnyjane Goldsmith, CLA ’68, ’70, ’82. That award has provided Rasing with the means to fulfill a passion for helping others that extends far beyond studying political science.
Temple medical students teach science to local students
Temple medical students enrich the science experience of seventh- and eighth-graders at nearby Mary McLeod Bethune School in North Philadelphia. Since February 2013, approximately 12 Temple students have been visiting Bethune twice weekly, teaching science lessons to two different classes.
Students learn that digital media can be lucrative
An SMC symposium brought together academics and researchers to discuss the impact digital-media producers have on society and the best ways for students to enter the field.
'Match Day' Madness
On March 21, 173 Temple University medical students celebrated Match Day—the day when all fourth-year medical students in the U.S. simultaneously open sealed envelopes and find out what hospitals they “matched” with for their residencies.
Temple student exposes alleged spy activities in U.S. Senate
Senior journalism student Ali Watkins has broken a major, national news story she believes exposes an example of federal government officials operating under a veil of secrecy. The story details an apparent feud between the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee over a congressional report on the CIA’s “secret detention and interrogation program.”
Grooming tomorrow’s biotech leaders
To meet the Philadelphia region's growing demand for biotechnology professionals, the College of Science and Technology at Temple launched a two-year master of science/professional science master’s degree program.