Posted April 6, 2018

Top 10 classes to take this summer

Owls never stop their hustle, even in the summer. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Working at the T-shirt shop. Hahaha, kidding. #JerseyShoreForever. What Owls are actually doing will help them graduate earlier, lighten their course load during the academic year (more time for killin’ it at internships) and prep them to study abroad. Yep, we’re talking summer courses. And yep, you can totally do your homework from the beach. See graphic below for reference. Registration is now open, so we’re here to help you find some of the coolest classes to take. Here’s our top 10.

A student relaxing in a hammock with a laptop on a beach as the sun moves across the sky

Even though Temple students are totally, 100 percent hard workers, we figured you might need a little convincing as to why taking summer courses is a good idea. Check out why:

  • You’re planning for a study-abroad semester and want to prepare, i.e., learning Italian or Japanese ASAP.
  • You have a great internship opportunity that’ll take up a lot of time during the fall or spring semester and you want to spread out your coursework.
  • You want a more flexible schedule during the academic year or want to explore different class options. You’re only in college once after all and, like we’ve said before, we’ve got some pretty cool class offerings.
  • You want to graduate early or squeeze in a double major or minor.
  • Summer courses are incredibly flexible. There are four-, six- and 12-week options. 

Now, onto the classes!

1. Hip Hop and Black Culture
Africoloy & African American Studies 2175

Philadelphia is home to some of hip-hop’s greatest talents, and the genre plays an important role in the city’s history and contemporary culture, which is exactly why we’re so pumped about this course. Take a look at the evolution of the musical and cultural phenomenon, including its representations, misrepresentations and relevance in the modern African American experience.  

2. Cyberspace & Society
Satisfies GenEd Natural Sciences or Technology requirement, Computer & Information Sciences 0835

Considering you’re reading this on a laptop, while also likely streaming music, watching a chicken-four-ways Tasty video, and Facetiming with your mom, it’s pretty obvious tech has become deeply integrated in our lives. In this course you’ll learn how technology came to be so important and how we’ll be able to apply it in the future—like the robots in Charles Library.

3. Investing for the Future
Satisfies the GenEd Quantitative Literacy requirement, Electrical Engineering 0822

We know, Owls. The struggle is real when it comes to $$$. But we promise, things will get better, and this class is a good place to start. The course identifies the most common problems among the young, fabulous and broke, aka you, and teaches how to avoid them. Finance can be confusing, but this class makes it all easily digestible so you’ll leave one step closer to affording that Battle Pass on Fortnite.

4. Imaginary Cities
Satisfies the GenEd World Society requirement, Film and Media Arts 0869

Philly will always be No. 1 in our hearts, but even we can admit there are a few other cool cities out there. In this course you’ll travel (figuratively...) to cities around the world at different times in history to examine how national cinemas have depicted and interpreted urban life over the last hundred years.

5. The Detective Novel
Satisfies the GenEd World Society requirement, Critical Languages Center 0857

Nothing beats a classic detective story. This criminally fun course looks at the detective genre at different times in history in different societies and how it has changed over time. From Sherlock and Edgar Allan Poe to contemporary crime novels, this class cross-examines the genre and cracks the code on evolving trends. Anddddd we’re officially closing the case on the wordplay.

6. Video Production for Non-Majors
May not be enrolled in the Film or Media Arts majors, Media Studies & Production 1001

In our ever-advancing, multimedia world, Microsoft Word skills alone no longer cut it on a résumé. This class offers a hands-on introduction to basic video and audio production—skills you’ll be glad you learned when you leave the nest.

7. Founding Philadelphia
Satisfies the GenEd U.S. Society requirement, History 0867

If you haven’t been able to figure this out yet, we think Philly’s pretty cool—so cool we think you should take a class on it. The Founding Philadelphia course delves into the importance of our city in founding the United States, and the social, cultural and political events that shaped what it is today.

8. Workings of the Mind
Satisfies the GenEd Human Behavior requirement, Psychology 0816

In this course, you'll bravely delve into the human mind and analyze conscious and unconscious mental states and brain functions like memory, problem solving, attitudes, beliefs and opinions. If this sounds like a class on hypnotism, then we can’t help you figure it out bc we can’t remember if it is or not … Kidding. It’s not.

9. Immigration and the American Dream
Satisfies the GenEd Race & Diversity requirement, Anthropology 0831

Eyes, get ready to be opened. Take an in-depth and personal look at the immigrant experience in the United States as expressed through immigrants’ own voices in literature and film.

10. Sports and Leisure in American Society
Satisfies the GenEd U.S. Society requirement, Africology & African American Studies 0857

Just to clarify, this course is not about athleisure wear, though we’d totally be into that class if it did exist. In this class you’ll delve deeper into sports and learn how the way we play, spectate, plan and experience sports and leisure activities reflects greater American values of freedom, democracy and equality.

Check out the full list of summer courses and register now

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