Posted November 21, 2023

Your ultimate res hall cheat sheet

Check out these mini tours of Temple’s residence halls! 

A student rolls his bike down the hallway of a residence hall
Photography By: 
Joseph V. Labolito

Hello, Temple University, and welcome to our crib! 

We get it: Choosing a place to live on campus can be just as daunting as choosing a major. Whether you’re looking for maximum privacy or a bustling community, a location near the library or next to a dining hall, there’s a housing situation at Temple for every preference. Luckily, we’ve compiled these mini tours of six of our seven residence halls so you can see exactly what each one offers before you officially decide which place to call home. Check back soon for number seven! 

  1. Johnson & Hardwick, affectionately known as “J&H,” always has something going on. For starters, the traditional dorm-style residence hall has a lobby packed with games like giant Connect 4 and Jenga. They also have gaming equipment available to rent in the basement as well as frequent activities, many of which are open to all students! Of course, J&H also houses one of the main dining halls for grabbing food on the go or sitting down for a meal. J&H is a true classic, verified by Adam Sandler’s character in Hustle.  

  2. 1300 is mostly suite-style living, with a few apartment-style units as well. This means most units will have four residents in each two-room suite, with two students assigned to each room within the suite. Plus, each suite has its own bathroom. The major perks of living in 1300 are its outdoor spaces: it has both an internal courtyard and a front lawn, so there’s pretty much always volleyball/frisbee/suntanning/general vibing going on. Read on for more info on those apartment-style units! 

  3. Temple Towers, or just “Towers” for short, is for those who want a more complete apartment-style living situation. Each unit is equipped with a kitchen, a living room space and your apartment’s ~own bathroom~. The building, located on Cecil B. Moore Avenue, also has a first-floor lounge with printers, vending machines and a FIREPLACE ... talk about luxury. All this is in addition to study lounges on each floor, open at all hours.  

  4. Morgan Hall North boasts even more apartment-style living, with plenty of elbow room to spare. Perks include the spacious lobby and lounges, breathtaking views of the Philly skyline, and oh, and did we mention there’s an Insomnia Cookies on the first floor? In addition, living in Morgan Hall means easy access to the Morgan food court! 

  5. Morgan Hall South has many of the same features as Morgan Hall North. You get to enjoy all of the spacious lounge and lobby areas, incredible city views from your apartment, easy access to the food court and dining hall … and don’t worry, Insomnia Cookies is still just as close! Yum. 

  6. Some call 1940 “the heart of campus,” and for good reason! Located right on Liacouras Walk, 1940 is the perfect residence hall for those who don’t want to miss a minute of the action. While the other residence halls aren’t exactly far away, this building is a quick walk to most points on campus, so running late to class will be a thing of the past. Plus, 1940 has its own game room, courtyard and communal kitchen.  

  7. Last but not least, there’s White Hall, which sadly doesn’t have a mini tour for us to show you (yet!). It’s home to traditional double dorms with shared hallway bathrooms, located right on Broad Street, and White Hall alumni have told us that traditional dorm living is the best way to meet people and make connections. Not to mention, this dorm is just steps away from a BSL stop! If you love exploring Center City and the rest of Philadelphia, this may be the dorm for you. 

Still having trouble deciding? You may want to check out our list of Living Learning Communities, which are residential communities for students who share a common interest. Whether you’re looking to live sustainably, find your fellow international students or just want to live with people studying something similar to you, there’s a community waiting for you here on campus!