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Chronicle of Higher Ed: Temple doctors pedal with a purpose
Type: In the Media
September 19, 2011
Temple celebrates a medical milestone
Type: News Story
Before the ribbon was cut and after the last streamer landed, a series of celebratory events marked the official opening of Temple's new Medical Education and Research Building.
November 9, 2009
Ignoring an epidemic
Type: News Story
Newly released research in the May issue of The Journal of Internal General Medicine reveals that patients think their physicians are not doing enough to help them manage their weight.
April 30, 2009
Clinician, researcher and now… president
Type: News Story
Alfred Bove knows sometimes you have to give up one passion to pursue another. He stepped down as section chief of cardiology at Temple University Hospital last September, not to relax or reflect on 18 collective years at the helm, but to take on a new role. In March, Bove will be sworn in as president of the American College of Cardiology for a one-year term.
January 27, 2009
Facing up to the truth
Type: News Story
Women who suffer abuse at the hands of a loved one may not be so quick to talk about it.
January 26, 2009
Listen Up!
Type: News Story
Hearts will be racing faster this fall for every medical student in the country. That’s because the three-part test every medical student and resident must pass will be delivered in a new way: by listening to a heartbeat. It’s a skill that some say has become an Achilles heel in the medical field.
August 25, 2008
In the lab for a lifetime … and beyond
Type: News Story
In a class of 180 incoming students, it’s easy to be anonymous. But Dr. Carson Schneck, M.D., PhD., doesn’t let that happen to the doctors-in-training at Temple University’s School of Medicine. Before the students walk into his "Human Gross Anatomy" classroom, he knows each and every one of them.
August 25, 2008
Tumor-inhibiting protein discovered by Temple researchers could be effective in the treatment of leukemia
Type: News Story
Angiocidin, a tumor-inhibiting novel protein discovered by Temple University researchers, may also have a role as a new therapeutic application in treating leukemia, according to a study by the researchers.
July 15, 2008