Students doing work in the TECH Center.
TECH Center marks 10th anniversary
February 15, 2016
On paper, Temple’s monumental computer center is called the TECH Center. Still, those...
An owl with a commencement cap above the word grants.
Grants: Where they come from and how they help
February 9, 2016
Some of the best gifts in life aren’t wrapped: They’re tucked in a financial aid package, and they’...
An owl with a commencement cap above the word scholarship.
Scholarships: Fantastic bucks and where to find them
February 2, 2016
So you’ve filed your FAFSA. Now what? (Side note: If you didn’t complete the *free* financial aid...
An illustration of the FAFSA acronym and an owl wearing a commencement cap.
Five things to know about the FAFSA
January 26, 2016
Temple’s a university committed to accessibility and affordability—always has been, always will be...
An illustration of an owl wearing a commencement cap.
Owl about the money
January 26, 2016
Get accepted to college, pick a major, land that dream job—no pressure, right? Oh, and pay for it,...
A microphone in a radio recording studio.
Temple faculty offer expertise on WHYY
January 24, 2016
Weighing in on issues such as crime, citizenship and concussions, five Temple faculty members have...
Johnson stands by a rack of comics books inside Amalgam.
Temple alumna brings comics and coffee shop to life
January 14, 2016
The comic book universe may sometimes seem a polarizing place: You’re either Marvel or D.C. Batman...
A patient meeting with a clinician in an office.
Messaging key to minority involvement in clinical trials, Temple researcher finds
January 13, 2016
It’s important to know one’s audience—even for clinicians.   A study by Temple researcher Sarah...
A Temple men's basketball player shooting a three-point shot.
Temple men’s basketball plans to score against hunger
January 8, 2016
You might call it a play against hunger.   Under a recently announced effort to support the...
Temple faculty speak on Nutter’s record
December 21, 2015
In the waning days of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration, two Temple faculty...