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A 1982 alumnus of Temple University's School of Communications, Preston has over 25 years experience working in higher education media relations and communications. He has been recognized three times for his writing by CUPRAP, the Association of Communicators in Education.

Study to investigate whether ibuprofen can reverse the effects of emphysema
July 16, 2014
With an estimated 3.1 million Americans diagnosed with emphysema, Temple University Hospital (TUH)...
Researchers to study racial disparities in head and neck cancers
July 9, 2014
Head and neck cancers account for only three percent of all cancers in the United States, but...
NIH grant to explore new possibilities in heart failure treatment
June 18, 2014
Nearly 6 million Americans suffer from heart failure, but a lack of innovative treatments gives...
Geologist helps find and protect endangered sea turtle nest
June 18, 2014
While at a state park off of the Gulf Coast of Florida to study the development of the shoreline,...
Temple launches national network to evaluate fatherhood programs
June 11, 2014
Twenty-one percent of U.S. children live in single-mother households, but nonresident fathers can...
Temple researcher’s work spotlights cancer threat in Italy
June 3, 2014
Growing up in Naples, Italy, Antonio Giordano was aware of the health hazards that resulted from...
Diet beverages might play a positive role in weight loss, study finds
May 28, 2014
Diet or zero-calorie beverages might play a positive role in weight loss when consumed as a part of...
Great Teacher Jennifer Ibrahim honored to be in the classroom
May 21, 2014
Jennifer K. Ibrahim, associate professor of public health in the College of Health Professions and...
Temple chemists develop a way to make lithium batteries safer, cheaper
May 21, 2014
Lithium ion batteries, central to powering most modern technology such as laptop computers, cell...
James Furman II: Community-driven engineering
May 9, 2014
When mechanical engineering student James Furman II took over as president of Temple’s Engineers...