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An illustration of a double bacon cheeseburger that has a football as a bun.

What a football player eats in a day

Dear diary, Today I will eat at least 5,000 calories and burn, like, half of them lifting and playing football.

An illustration of a food truck.

The Truck Stops Here: Chop! Chop! Lunch Truck

We are grateful for pork. And for pickled carrots. And for bread (REALLY thankful for bread).

A campfire next to a calendar page that reads "opens Nov. 24"

(Mostly) free stuff to do before the end of the semester

Someone once said “we ain’t ever getting older,” but it *kind of* seems like we’re getting older every minute.

Hooter for the 1980s.

Get spooked: Freaky Temple connections

Raise your hand if Hooter from the ’80s got you shook. Now, picture old school Hooter dancing. Scared yet?

Ask an Owl: What are you being for Halloween?

Watch this vid to find out what costumes some Owls came up with.

An animated GIF of several images, such as Tupac, Michael Jackson and the American flag, to illustrate various classes.

12 of the coolest classes at Temple

We’re not talking about the Chemistry of Wine—it is cool, but we’re pretty sure people who don’t even go here know about that

We’re with the band: 5 times the Diamond Marching Band blew us away

We don’t know about you, Owls, but when we grow up, we want to be in the band. Or at least with the band.

An illustration of beer bottles and one is red with words across it reading “know what to do”.

Drinking 101: What to do when your friend’s had too much

Listen up, peeps. It was just Homecoming, midterms are wrapping up and Halloween is right around the corner—basically, it’s peak party...

A banner reading "Homecoming" in front of the Bell Tower.

Homecoming 2017: Top events for students

Mismatched socks, check. Neon fanny pack, check. A tub of glitter we plan to glue to a golf cart, check.

An illustration of a food truck.

The Truck Stops Here: Royal Tea Truck

Can tea be royal if it is served out of a truck?

An iPad with a photo of book spines on the screen.

7 resources you didn’t know the library has

DYK that some textbooks are available as e-books, aka digital books that are cheaper and not heavy?

 An illustration of a briefcase, a star and a soccer ball.

Join a club, wear white and be an adult: Things to do during the beginning of the semester

We’ve got a challenge for you: The next time Netflix asks if you are still watching, say no. JUST SAY NO.

An illustration of the number five.

Temple Survival Guide: 5 Things You Should Know About Life at Temple

So, you’re going to be on campus in like five minutes and we’ve done a pretty good job to prep you.

 An illustration of a credit card with a diamond on it.

Temple Survival Guide: Where to Spend Your Diamond $$$

You’ve probably figured out that your OWLcard is important to keep handy.


Temple Survival Guide: Your Welcome Week Itinerary

A carnival, a massive tug-of-war match, an outdoor roller rink. Dueling pianos!!!

An illustration of a subway car.

Temple Survival Guide: How to Pay for Public Transportation

For a subway system that’s so easy to navigate, the fares are surprisingly cray. We’re the only city in the country still using tokens...

An illustration of a red trophy with a Temple T on it.

Temple Survival Guide: 3 Ways to Make the Most Out of College

Your time at Temple is going to fly by so be sure to make the most of it. But, um, what exactly does that mean?

An illustration of word bubble that says brazen urban ninja squirrel.

Temple Survival Guide: Temple Lingo 101

FroGro? Huh? Watch this video to truly understand Temple Lingo! 

An iPhone with reminders in front of a graduation photo.

Making a list: What to know for graduation day

Congratulations, grads! You’re officially, certifiably old.

Seven ways to keep calm during finals

Keep calm and kick it on Beury Beach. Keep calm and yoga on. Keep calm and cry at the return of those adorable pups!!!

The Truck Stops Here: The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck

It’s so easy to get lost in the Montgomery Avenue sea of egg-and-cheese on long rolls and pizza and meat over rice platters.

Graphic Illustration featuring grill, ben franklin silhouette and earth globe

Burgers, biz, boots with the fur: 10 things to do before semester's end

Never mind that filthy snow residue, guys: Spring is here! The flowers are rising and the school year is waning!

Ask an Owl: What's TUYA?

What does TUYA stand for? Watch these Owls take some wild guesses.

The Truck Stops Here: Chicken Heaven

Someone once said that heaven is a place on earth. To which we said back: Heaven is a food truck on Temple’s campus!

Love Don’t Cost a Thing: Seven ways to celebrate Valentine's Day affordably

Love don't cost a thing...we all know that’s what JLo said, but let’s get real: Our boos so want to be taken out for Valentine’s Day and...

The Truck Stops Here: Temple Teppanyaki

Listen, Owls, we won’t dance—or shiver—around the issue: February is super-cold and the idea of standing in line for a meal you’ve never...

Two cents: What to know about advising at Temple

You’re gonna have so many questions while you’re at Temple. But the good news is that Nutshell will always be here to offer you our two...

’Tis the season: Eight ways to hop into 2017

Ah, the start of a new year. ’Tis the season to do more. Tis the season to tweet about resolutions you’ll never keep!

Ask an Owl: Who's in this picture?

Hey Owls, do you know who's in this photo? Watch and learn!

The Truck Stops Here: Kobawoo Express

Move over, avocados—there’s a new hot food on the scene and it’s called kimchi.

The Truck Stops Here: Ray's

Speaking of making important decisions, aren’t you sick of choosing between bacon and sausage? Us too.

Six cherry-and-white costume ideas for Temple students

We have so many good ideas for Halloween! We’re going to make the most epic costumes campus has ever seen!

Stranger Temple: Four campus myths worth knowing

So, you’re walking through campus and there are, like, no squirrels anywhere. Suddenly you feel a chill down your back.

Get outta town: 5 weekend trip ideas for Temple students

We know there are, like, 1,549,237 things to do in Philly on the weekends, but sometimes you just gotta go. Fly the nest!

Ask an Owl: What's behind this fence?

There's something new popping up on 15th Street and Montgomery Avenue in Fall 2017. Can you guess what it is?

BYO ROYGBIV: Celebrate National Coming Out Week all year long

Alright, Owls, here’s the 411: Today’s the start of NCOW (not to be confused with NCOD).

The Truck Stops Here: Mexican Grill Stand

They say the best things come in small packages. We’re not sure who they are, but we’re sure that they’re wrong.

Nick Cannon, golf carts, cake: Homecoming 2016 events for students

Nothing says coming home like some golf carts coming around the corner.

Escape the noise: Quiet places to study on campus

Yup, Owls. It’s that time of the year, when the studying ramps up and the noise seems to follow.

Five signs you should study in Rome

Sei vecchio! Wait, you don’t speak Italian? Right.

Five projects transforming Temple you’ll totally dig

No, guys, that ginormous hole in the ground near Liacouras Walk is not an archaeological dig for fossils. It’s also not making way for a...

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Howard, cake: Nine ways to ring in the new semester

As much as we loved last school year, we are def ready for another that’s bigger and better.

A Guide to Temple Lingo

Fourth meal, the beach and those crazy Temple squirrels. Brush up on some campus lingo to make the most of your student experience.

Temple Survival Guide: The do's and don’ts of being a good roommate

If you’ve just moved into your new room, please do us a major favor and look up from your phone and say hi to your roomie. Roomie, you...

Temple Survival Guide: Your College Bucket List

We don’t wanna get sentimental, but your time as a Temple student is going to fly—owl pun def intended.

Temple Survival Guide: Getting a taste of the food truck scene

Remember when you were growing up and the ice cream truck would roll through your neighborhood and you’d hear the jingle and scramble to...

Temple Survival Guide: How to get around Philly

You’re an Owl now, and everyone keeps telling you that you can fly, fly, fly, and then, just when you’re ready to take off, you realize...

Temple Survival Guide: Where to use your acres of Diamond Dollars

Good news, guys: That OWLcard of yours has more purpose than just getting you into buildings and flaunting an embarrassing mugshot.

Temple Survival Guide: What you need to kick off the football season

K, Owls. So, next Friday. It’s a date? We’ll pick you up. Just remember to wear cherry and paint your face and carry a clear bag.

Temple Survival Guide: 11 ways to save money that don’t include ramen

If we a had a dime for every time we heard a ramen noodle joke about college, we’d be swimming in gold coins and tossing Benjamins from...

Just like Disney World: Nine things to do during finals

Ah, enchanting kingdoms, exotic animals, towering roller coasters—where else can you feel the magic and splendor of Walt Temple World?...

Five ways to prepare for the interview

Seriously, guys, that upcoming job interview is really just a walk in the park.

The truck stops here: Caribbean Feast

We know you have lots to do before you finish the semester and drive off into the sunset to spend your summer tanning at the Jersey...

Bounce into spring: 13 things to do in April

April showers Seriously, Mother Nature, do us a solid and let this month be sunny and springy and warm.

Time marches on: 16 ways to spend time in March

And just like that, break is over. Soon the semester will be, too.

The truck stops here: Burger Tank

They’re not your mama’s burgers. Or your mama’s grilled cheeses, for that matter.

10 for 10: Facts about Club TECH

It’s been 10 years since the TECH Center opened, and since then Owls have visited more than 10 million times (we’d guess Temple students...

Ask an Owl: Who founded Temple University?

Hey Owls, it's time to test your university knowledge: Do you know who founded Temple? Watch and learn!

All 29 of them: 15 ways to pass the days in February

Is it just us, or does the shortest month of the year seem to last forever?

Current students: 8 tips for filling out your FAFSA

Stupid FAFSA, I hate you, FAFSA, don’t make me, FAFSA...may I please have some money, FAFSA?

Something for every Owl: 14 ways to spend October

October? Already? Time sure does fly. Much like an owl, soaring across the bright blue sky on a crisp fall day.

Homecoming isn’t just for alumni anymore

Now it’s also for Fetty Wap. And you, Owls—there will be a metaphorical fall harvest of fun stuff for students during Homecoming weekend...