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Colorful card reading “QUEER GUIDE”

Your guide to queer resources on campus

The cheat-sheet every LGBTQIA+ student needs to thrive. 

Search box for alumni resources

Once an Owl, always an Owl

Calling new grads: Here’s your ultimate list of alumni resources.

Polett Walk in the center of Main Campus

A walk down memory lane

As the semester comes to an end, pay tribute to some of your favorite places and traditions on campus.


24/7 open

Finals week 2024 edition

With exams right around the corner, here are some ways to prepare for the weeks ahead.

a student smiles while moving out

Your guide to move-out: Spring 2024 edition

Follow along for six easy steps to help you through your spring 2024 move-out.

April events

Ultimate event list: April 2024

Here are the most exciting things to do this month. 

March event roundup: Women’s History Month edition

Explore Temple’s upcoming events and activities this Women’s History Month.

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Stay in the loop: Temple’s top social media accounts to follow

A list of the best accounts for staying in the know with Temple.

Hooter in front of the sports complex.

The ultimate list of grad photo spots

Take a picture before you graduate; it’ll last longer.

Learn more about BLACK HISTORY @Temple

Understanding Black history at Temple

Explore campus organizations, resources and classes celebrating Black history at Temple.

Hooter surrounded by groundhogs on Main Campus

Owls’ Groundhog Day: Reliving Temple’s most memorable moments

Exploring the days Temple University students and alumni would choose to experience again, from historic victories to unforgettable...

Feb. Events

Celebrate Black History Month at Temple

In honor of Black History Month, Temple is hosting a variety of events this February.

9 exciting student organizations

9 exciting student orgs you’ll want to know about

Get involved on campus, start exploring your passions and learn more about nine exciting student organizations.

Dec. Events

8 end-of-semester activities for December

Tis’ the season to fill your time with fun! Explore our list of December activities both on and off campus.

drawing of brains in blue and yellow colors

Your guide to self-care on campus: 2023 edition

Find ways to thrive with Temple’s mental health resources.

A student rolls his bike down the hallway of a residence hall

Your ultimate res hall cheat sheet

Check out these mini tours of Temple’s residence halls! 

Your guide to beating mid-and late-semester burnout

Discover new ways to avoid burnout and finish off the semester strong.

Ultimate event list: November 2023

Here are the most exciting things to do this month. 

Hamilton poses near the Temple Community Garden sign

First gen-etics: Meet bio major Nala Hamilton

The award-winning senior sat down with Nutshell to share tips and wisdom about her first-generation experience.

inside an Owl's internship: Mechanical Fabrication

Intern adventures: An inside look at one Owl’s experience working in mechanical fabrication

Junior Shaye Harrer assembled metal structures with this mechanical fabrication internship at TAIT Towers, an architectural engineering...

 What I love about being a college student in Philly

What college life is like for students in Philadelphia

We asked Class of 2023 graduates to share highlights from their Philadelphia college experience. Here’s what they told us. 

Oct. Events

Ultimate campus event list: October 2023

Here are the most exciting things to do this month.

Two students sitting at a table outside with a skeleton

The Halloween scoop: Temple’s freakiest connections

Our founder’s ghost, a collection of teeth, horror franchises and creepy comedies.

Image of a Hispanic Heritage Month logo.

A guide to classes, programs and clubs that celebrate Hispanic identity and culture

Here at Temple there are so many ways to explore Hispanic culture all year long.

Intern adventures: A look at an Owl’s experience studying invasive plants

Kelly Meinert, Class of 2024, worked on a research project about invasive plants at Temple Forest Observatory over the summer. 

Intern adventures: A look at an Owl’s experience working for a tech startup

Zachary Fajge, Class of 2026, spent the summer interning in Jerusalem with the tech startup Supplyve, which offers inventory management...

Gif of campus activities being highlighted reading “So much to to DO, so little time!”

Ultimate campus event list: September 2023

Here are the most exciting things to do this month. 

Student playing a drum with a T on it

Your manual for Weeks of Welcome 2023

Make the most of your first weeks as an Owl! 

Intern adventures: A look at one Owl’s experience working in global energy sales

Senior Jackie Neckers spent the summer in Houston, where she interned with Macquarie Group’s energy corporate sales team.

TUSafe Download Now!

Meet TUSafe, Temple’s new safety app

The app will launch Monday, Aug. 14, and will replace RAVE Temple Guardian as the university’s one-touch personal safety mobile app.

inside an Owl's internship: SPORTS PR

Intern adventures: A look at an Owl’s experience working in minor league baseball

Junior Chris Duong is knocking it out of the park with this sports PR internship.

students walking with speech bubbles "I'm a freshman. What do I do?" "Four things I've learned..."

4 things I wish I knew as a first-year college student

I’m sharing some of the things I wish I knew as a first-year student so you can hit the ground running as soon as you land on campus....

How to thrive in college video still

How to thrive in college

College is hard. We asked Class of 2023 graduates to share the advice they would give their first-year selves if they could go back in...

GIF of numbers counting up to eight

8 Transfer student resources that will help make your transition to Temple a smooth one

This list of resources will be your guide to an easy transition to Temple.

inside an Owl's internship: BROADCAST NEWS

Intern adventures: An inside look at one Owl’s experience working at 6abc

Graduating senior Steven Escobar is getting hands-on experience in his dream industry—broadcast news!

A rabbit and phrases coffee-time, owl connect, beury beach, mentors and decorate! emerge from a magic hat

Helpful tips and advice for transfer students

We talked to some current transfer students to get their advice on how to make a smooth transition to Owl country.

5 minutes with … Lexis Trechak, TikTok star

Make your way to the floor and side-step, shimmy or pirouette into the lore to find out what makes this influencer, leader and scholar...

PPD and TUPD police officers talking outdoors

Get to know Temple's campus safety resources

Five essential safety services available from Temple’s Department of Public Safety.

Hands with "Getting involved" text

Resources for finding volunteer opportunities on and around campus

Learn about local volunteer offerings to get involved in your community at Temple and around Philadelphia.

A man skateboarding on a safety barrier

All about “Cecil,” campus’ favorite skate spot

Take a deep dive and learn about why Cecil B.

Image of a confused student in front of popular memes.

What do you meme you can get sued for that social post?

Donald Harris, a Temple professor and expert on intellectual property law, explains everything you need to know about protecting...

Hidden study spots on campus

Discover and explore the hidden study spots on Temple’s campus. 

two residence halls, a crepe, a cup of coffee and three question marks

Which residence hall are you? Take this quiz and find out!

Because we all have to live somewhere.

Owls of a feather

Nine alumni couples whose love hatched at Temple.

Music notes in the shape of hearts with Philly artists and Temple schools

Find out which Philly-area artist matches with your Temple school or college choice

Music to get you in a Temple and Philly state of mind.

Hooter seeing his shadow

Going back in time for "Groundhog Day"

In honor of Groundhog Day, and the movie it inspired, we asked Owls to reflect on what day they would choose to relive. 

10 fun things to do on a snow day

We’ve got a few fun activities on our to-do list to share with you for when Jack Frost visits campus.

leaves that read DO YOUR PART, thrifty originals, resources, net impact, green courses, sustainable campus map, salvage, clean-ups, renew, Temple community gardens

Sustainable classes, organizations and resources on campus

Learn more about ways to get involved with sustainability on campus!

5 sustainable things on campus you might not know about

Discover the ways in which Temple is striving for sustainability. Some of them are hiding in plain sight. 

How to ease back into the semester

Relax and ease back into the semester with these tips.

An illustration of a calendar with records, ice skates and ramen noodles.

7 activities to do before the semester makes a full stop

Who says you need snow to make a holiday? Take a peek at these various events on and surrounding campus and show some pride!

a group of students laughing together

The ultimate list of resources for first-generation students

Nearly 1 in 3 Temple students are first-generation.

Hooter wearing sunglasses and holding a tall stack of books.

Nine roster-worthy classes for your next semester

Owls, we’re going class shopping!

a student walks past Charles Library

5 Tips for using Temple Libraries

Steven Bell, associate university librarian, discusses important tips for using Temple Libraries that can help every student be more...

Image of an owl skeleton looking at a screen.

Meet Temple’s alumni horror directors

Whether it’s Stranger Things, Black Mirror or It, Owls are everywhere in the horror media production industry.

The truck stops here: The Crepe Truck

A fresh crepe wrapped around a mouthwatering combination of fruit, Nutella, and whipped cream is a welcome treat all year around.

13 scary movies and TV shows with Philly-area connections

Watch them if you dare.

Your guide to Election Day 2022

How to vote in-person and by mail.

Red food truck with picture of taco

The Truck Stops Here: Mexican Grill Stand

Craving a steamy combination of soft tortillas, braised beef, fresh onions and a dollop of sour cream?

An October calendar

Cool stuff to do on campus this October

Enjoy the cozy vibes at Temple this season.

Image of an LGBTQ+ graphic.

A guide to LGBTQ+ organizations on campus

These LGBTQ+ organizations provide a place for Owls of all identities to support one another and explore their passions.

a Temple Votes graphic

The Temple students’ guide to registering to vote in 2022

Answers to your questions about where, how and why to register to vote.

students with painted faces in the Cherry Crusade

9 Interesting Student Organizations

9 organizations/clubs to check out for the beginning of the school year

8 ways student health services can help you stay healthy this semester

Find out more about all the free and low-cost health services Temple’s Student Health Services offers to students.

Image of a Flight pick-up point sign.

Six things to know about Temple’s new Flight service

Flight has been redesigned as a fixed-route nighttime service for night Owls on the go. 

Temple Fest

Your guide to Weeks of Welcome and Convocation 2022

Jump headfirst into the school year with these fun and exciting events spread out over the course of the next few weeks!

Illustration of person holding a Temple T microphone

Calling all Owls. We’re hiring our next student vlogger

Breaking news! One of the coolest on-campus jobs is about to be available.

10 classes for making your summer interesting AND educational

Check out this list of classes for getting the most out of your summer break

a pencil drawing of a student carrying books

The perfect spot for your specific study needs

We’ve made it over halfway through the semester, and with projects in full swing and finals on the horizon, finding the perfect study...

a gif of women's symbols joining together

On-campus women/femme student groups on campus to get involved in

Build community and network with women Owls on campus and beyond when you join these 12 groups

An illustration of two postage stamps, one with Stella the Owl and one that reads Dear Stella.

Dear Stella

Stella is back again to answer your campus resource-related questions!

10 things to do on a snow day

From sledding to snow angels, drinking hot chocolate and binge-watching your fave shows, here’s how you can spend your next snow day....

The truck stops here: Squared2 Pizza

Dont be a square: grab yourself a slice of pizza from Temple’s newest food truck!

What’s your “Groundhog Day?”

In honor of Groundhog Day—and the movie it inspired—we asked Owls about what day they’d relive if they could.

Unexpected uses for TUportal

TUportal has been there for you from the day you committed to Temple—and with so many resources, it’s important to know all of the ways...

Office hours 101

When, how and why to use office hours.

Creating moments of comfort over winter break

The Wellness Resource Center’s Liz Zadnik and Janie Egan share some...

Graphic of coffee, donuts, and pets during finals week

Finals prep: Fall 2021 edition

With final exams right around the corner, here are some ways to prepare for weeks ahead.

5 minutes with … Yesh Khanna, director of accessibility for Temple Student Government

New Director of Accessibility Yesh Khanna talks about his position with TSG and his experience at Temple

a calendar with records, ramen noodles and ice skates

7 things to do before the semester ends

Looking for outings, holiday activities or an entertainment fix before the semester ends? We’ve got you covered.

Students taking a selfie together outside

How to make friends IRL

Spruce up your social skills with these tips (introverts welcome)

A figure silhouetted against illuminated street signs in Tokyo.

Studying abroad: What Owls are saying

Hear firsthand from the Temple students who have studied abroad about the life-changing experience.

photo collage of Philadelphia landmarks in Pride colors

Klein on the GO excursions: learning about Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

Klein GO hosted a series of COVID-19-safe excursions in Philadelphia, including one in the Gayborhood.

International flags on display at the student center

5 things to know about the Student Center

There’s more to the Student Center than the bookstore and your favorite lunch spots.

heart bubbles over a ferris wheel

12 social media accounts you should be following

A list of the best accounts for keeping up-to-date on all things Temple.

Diamond Marching Band members perform at the Linc

The band plays on

The Diamond Marching Band dazzles us every fall, and this football season promises more of that with “Butter” on top.

Nine historic sites to see near Temple’s Main Campus

A number of locations across North Philadelphia showcase the neighborhood’s rich history and cultural significance.

Off-campus living: 10 tips to be a good neighbor

The North Philadelphia neighborhood surrounding Temple University boasts a rich tradition of pride and history.

students with painted faces in the Cherry Crusade

12 student organizations you’ll want to know about

With more than 300 student organizations at Temple, there is definitely something for everyone. Here are some that you won’t want to...

Things you need to know: Temple lingo edition

This guide will prepare you for Temple terms and lingo you’re going to need to know as the semester kicks off.

a graphic of a lobster with ramen noodles

How to ball on a college budget: 2021 Temple edition

Being a student at Temple University opens the door to many opportunities throughout the city and on campus that don’t cost a lot of...

Your guide to Weeks of Welcome and Convocation 2021

Jump headfirst into the school year with these fun and exciting events spread out over the course of two weeks! 

Aerial view of the Bell Tower on Main Campus

8 #TempleTraditions that all Owls know about

As you get settled in this semester, get to know some of our iconic campus landmarks and traditions.


Alumni resources: The nest is a forever home

We’ve curated a list of alumni resources for recent graduates as they transition into their next chapter.

An animated student with glasses and blue hair looks stressed out. They juggle symbols, like a clock and a book, to represent lifes responsibilities.

Finals vs. Owls

Prep for finals the Temple way.

On Beury Beach, a white, fluffy dog on a leash sticks his tongue out to the camera. Charles Library and students basking in the sun are seen in the background.

Finals break with Temple pets

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program of studying, studying and more studying to bring you some Temple pets!

students at a food truck on campus

The truck stops here: halal food

Rice platters and gyros and salads, oh my!

Text over yellow and red painted flowers reads, "Shall I compare thee to a spring's day on Beury Beach?"

Roses are red and cherries, too

Poets galore for me and you.

Hooter carrying books

Your guide to a successful course registration experience

Registering for classes can be stressful—we’re here to help.

Andrea Swan

5 Minutes with… Andrea Swan, director of Temple’s Office of Community Relations

Temple University's Office of Community Relations offers a variety of resources for students and the North Philadelphia community.

Inside OWLtech, there are Apple Mac computers on a table, and other technology gadgets are lining the wall.

Your guide to OWLtech

Here’s everything you need to know to get your technology needs met on campus or off.

The Mermaid Princess smiles as she hugs a child in a hospital room

5 minutes with ... a part-time princess

She’s also a Temple student with A Moment of Magic, an organization that brings joy to children in hospitals.

Let's play Quarantine Bingo

Circle all that apply and see if you can get five in a row.

computer screen

How to have a fun Zoom game night

Getting together on Zoom without a plan can be kind of boring. But we’re to help keep things interesting.

How to stay well this week … and every week

Because it’s Wellness Week!

An illustration of a self-care watering can pouring onto a growing heart.

What to do on a Wellness Day

Here are five suggestions for getting the most out of some down time. 

Lawn in front of Beury Hall

Resources for leading diversity

Learn how to facilitate meaningful change by advocating for yourself and others.

Fun stuff to do: February 2021 edition

Pack your bags, we’re off to the interwebs.

the bell tower on Main Campus, lit with green lights for Black History Month

Black History Month events

How to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans to society on campus and virtually.

Secrets to enriching your virtual internship

How do you navigate job opportunities in an online space?

image of a student with headphones

Chill Lo-fi (Temple Made!) Beats to study and relax to

Get into the groove for finals with this playlist made by and for Owls.

TU crossword image

Fun and Instagram games: Part deux

While away the winter hours with puzzlers made for Owls.

Text on screen that reads "I believe you."

Sexual assault in college: Defining and understanding

Incidents of sexual assault and interpersonal violence are widespread across the country and on college campuses.

The Owl statue on Main Campus.

Sexual assault in college: Part 2— Accountability and resources

Incidents of sexual assault and interpersonal violence are widespread across the country and on college campuses.

The Bell Tower in the snow.

Six classes for making the most of your winter break

Register for these winter Early Term Start classes before they’re full. 

5 Minutes With… Cheryl Zhang, President of Temple First

Tourism and hospitality major Cheryl Zhang sat down with Nutshell to discuss her role as president of Temple First and how the...

Blackstone Launchpad

Your guide to entrepreneurship resources at Temple

A slew of workshops, competitions, clubs and mentorship opportunities are available to our future inventors and company founders right...

Your guide to academic support: The Student Success Center

Discover tutoring services, study sessions, workshops and more—all designed to help you succeed at Temple. And, it’s all available...

a student skateboarding

Your guide to what’s open for in-person use on campus

This fall, many Temple facilities and services are open and available for in-person use.

 a student using social media at the TECH center

Your guide to being a good digital citizen

How you can establish a positive online presence according to experts from Temple.

A student sitting outside on campus wearing a mask while using their computer.

Your guide to a virtual Career Center

Nearly all of the center’s career services are still available this semester and, because of the flexibility a remote environment allows...

Six tips for living off campus in 2021

For those in off-campus residences, we bring you some neighborly advice for how to be a good neighbor.

The Temple students’ guide to registering to vote in 2020

Answers to your questions about where, how and why to register to vote

Hoot Hoot, is this thing on?

Mix it up with podcasts hosted by some of our very own Owls.

a diverse group of people

Your guide to diversity resources on campus: IDEAL

Learn what the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) can offer Temple students.

Many bright blue and yellow brains floating together.

Your guide to self-care on campus: the Wellness Resource Center and Tuttleman Counseling Services

Find ways to thrive this semester even amid a global pandemic with Temple’s mental health resources. 

books and a computer

Nine Africology courses to take this fall

These classes within the Department of Africology an

Your Welcome Week and Convocation 2020 cheat sheet

There’s tons of stuff to do this week, folks, and that’s in addition to...

(Almost) everything you need to bring on move-in day

With move-in day right around the corner, we’ve got you covered with the essentials you need for life in University Housing. 

How to register to vote

We teamed up with Temple Student Government to take the guesswork out of the process.

Top ten classes for making the most of your summer

Register for these summer courses before they’re full!

student doing yoga with a goat

Finals prep from your nest

Check out some ways to prepare for finals week from home.

Perseverance under pressure

Five Owls show us how they leaned in to a new normal with grace and grit.

A Temple student prepares for his career.

Tips for job and internship hunting while sheltering in place

Career advisers Corinne Snell and Kristen Gallo on eight things students can do to boost their chances.


Fun stuff to do: Online edition

We may be stuck at home, Jasmine, but hey, at least there’s the internet.

Fun and Instagram games

Connect with fellow Owls when you play these Temple-themed games.

Dear Stella

Stella returns for another advice column to address burnout during these trying times.

Emojis on a Zoom call

Zoom etiquette for Owls

Here is Nutshell’s definitive guide to Zoom do’s and don’ts.

Five Klein students promote their #10minutesfor10years Census awareness campaign

How to get counted in the U.S. Census

April 1 is officially Census Day nationwide.

Hooter in sunglasses with books

Nine classes for your best fall ever

Plan next semester’s schedule with some of the most intriguing courses offered at Temple.

Dear Stella: Special virtual campus edition

Stella answers your questions about refunds, continued academic services and more.

Hooter meditating

Keep on keeping on

Tuttleman Counseling Center’s Brandon LaBarge offers some tips for adjusting to current changes.

We’ve gone virtual, now what?

Tips for accessing your classes, services and more.

A guide to Women’s History Month events at Temple

Where to celebrate women’s contributions to society on campus.

An illustration of two postage stamps, one with Stella the Owl and one that reads Dear Stella.

Dear Stella

Our live mascot Stella the Owl debuts her first advice column: For February she addresses relationship issues.

hearts and ferris wheel

Be mine

At Temple, Owl you need is love.


Ten tips for financial wellness

We're here to help you manage your money ... or lack of it.

Stuff to do in February

There's something for everyone this month. 

students studying in Rome

Top 6 reasons to study abroad

Have you considered studying abroad? Now’s the time!

Fav tweets of 2019

These tweets need no introduction


Heads in the creative clouds

Adobe’s 2019 Design Achievement Awards recognize five Owls.

Cool stuff to do in Philly in December

Five things to do in the city before you head home for break (and one on-campus fav)

a camera focused on the Bell Tower

The eight most Instagrammable spots on campus

You don’t need to go far to get those double taps.

Matthew Newby

Five minutes on ... the transit of Mercury, with an astrophysicist

We sat down with star faculty member and astrophysicist Matthew Newby to learn more about this rare astronomical event.

students dressed in costume for Halloween

Owls celebrate Halloween

Sporting their best Halloween costumes, students from across campus stopped by the lobby of Tyler School of Art and Architecture so we...

Daphne Bonner and Erin Schessleur, co-head writers of Temple SMASH

Five minutes with … Daphne and Erin, co-head writers for Temple SMASH

Go inside the writers' room to hear from the pair who pen Temple's sketch comedy show.

9 things to do for one unforgettable October

Want to kick back, relax and have a little fun? We've got you covered.

Cherry lights shining from the Bell Tower at night

Ring True

New perspectives on an old favorite

Temple University students complete summer internships at URBN, located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, working on marketing, buying, public relations and design.

An URBN Experience

Four Temple students interned at URBN last summer.

12 social media accounts you should be following

A list of the latest and greatest accounts for keeping up-to-date on all things Temple.

9 campus events to break up the back-to-school insanity

Check ‘em out—but only if you feel like it.

exterior of Charles Library

Your library questions answered

Charles Library is officially open. Here's what you need to know. 

A wallet with Temple football tickets and Diamond Dollars colored in with shades of yellow, blue and pink that mimic highlighters.

Temple Insider's Guide: Things you're gonna want to know ASAP

Remember that time you went to new student orientation and then immediately forgot everything besides how pu

An illustration with bold text that reads “resources” with figures and objects.

From college students to alumni: resources explained

Just when everyone figures out everything about being Temple students, it’s time to graduate.

A graduation cap decorated with flowers and a Temple "T" with read that reads "grad cap inspo."

Caps that slay, this way

Can you even graduate if you don’t decorate your grad cap??? Well, yeah. But it’s more fun if you do!

An illustrated Bell Tower with reuse arrows around the top of the tower.

Bye bye plastic: How to use less on campus

Between balancing heavy workloads, trying to stack funds, exploring Philly and catching up on The Act every Wednesday (even though it...

Hooter wearing sunglasses and holding a tall stack of books.

11 roster-worthy classes for your next semester

Owls, we’re going class shopping!

Mister Rogers soaking his feet with Officer Clemmons near the Bell Tower.

Won't you be our neighbor: tips and resources for living off-campus

You’re an adult now.

Black and white graphic with a clock animation to emphasize the semester countdown.

Stuff to do, more stuff to do

Someone told us one time that the best way to slay during final projects and papers is to give. Ourselves. A.

A graphic that reads "Health FAQ"

Mumps 101: Your questions answered by an infectious disease specialist

Professor of Medicine Peter Axelrod, an infectious disease physician at Temple University Hospital, answers comm

A still image of women’s rallies, marches and groups.

11 Women/ Femme Student Groups On Campus You Should Know

Yeah, we know that girls run the world (hiiii, Beyoncé), but for many it starts...

A still image of a man behind the Top Bap food truck.

The Truck Stops Here: Top Bap

When we say “bibim,” you say “bap.” Bibim! Bap! Bibimbap!

The Headspace iPhone/iPod app

Help yourself: Group therapy, mindful meditation app benefit students by the hundreds

Tuttleman Counseling Services offers far more than just one-on-one therapy: Students have found comfort and useful tools in group...

Animation of an open hand with growing greenery.

Your Alternative Spring Break Move: 4 Ways to Spread Good

Sure, catching rays in Cabo or bingeing Real Housewives may sound like the perf way to spend spring break, but giving back sounds pretty...

A marquee sign with text that reads "coming soon."

11 things to do this winter (besides watch Netflix under a blanket)

Philly, we love you, but these winters make us question that love.

Animated graphic of egg splitting open and money flying out.

Temple Scholarships to Apply for ASAP

Real talk: Paying for college is hard. Like most people, you're probably looking for some extra moolah to help offset costs.

Animated illustration with bold text treatment with an 80’s future vibe.

New Year, New You: 3 Ways to Get Active on Campus in 2019

In addition to cutting back on your too frequent Starbies trips and eating fewer decadent waffle fries from...

Gritty chasing the Temple student journalist who went viral for running out of the courthouse.

Nutshell's fave tweets from 2018

OK, we can’t actually say "bye" until we share our fave tweets from th

An animated graphic of Hooter pushing away vertical text.

Ask An Owl: How Do You Get Through Finals?

Finals might have you feeling overwhelmed, so we asked a few peeps how they stay on top of it all.

An illustration of a student in front of family and friends.

Exactly How To Talk To Your Peeps Back Home

A lot of feels can spring up when you leave campus and go home for winter break. Some happy, some ... jumbled...

Fun Stuff Alert: Things To Do On And Off Campus

Real talk: Y'all are going to be out of here in, like, three and a half weeks. Yes, THAT soon.

Animated graphic of a food truck with various dishes rotating in front of it.

The Truck Stops Here: Taste of India

Don’t exile us for saying this, but sometimes we want more than pizza.

8 Awesome Things Baker Dave Has Made

Heard of Baker Dave aka Temple’s cake boss?

How To Ball On A College Budget

Just being a Temple student gives you the automatic right to brag at the family table...

Animated graphic of devices with static backgrounds and an “alert” text on one.

Emergency resources every Owl should know about

Fam, we’re clearly all about saving that $$$.

PSA: How To Vote On And Off Campus

Listen up, Owls! Elections are a big deal. They’re huge.

What You Need To Know About LGBTQIA+ Resources On Campus

If a bedazzled tree falls down and no one is around to hear it, did it actually happen?

What Study Spots On Campus Reveal About Your Personality

You’re almost halfway through the semester, and midterms (gasp!) and finals (double gasp!) are def...

6 things you need to know before you apply to study abroad

How does speaking enough Italian to order the most insane cup of gelato or mastering the puzzle that is the...

An illustration of people looking up to the sky of a TUAA signal.

Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re alumni to check out the Temple University Alumni Association (TUAA)

DYK there are 332,000 Temple alumni worldwide?

An illustration of the Flight bus against a teal background.

Street Smarts 101: How to make sure you always get home safe and other stuff every Owl should know.

You know that feeling when you think you’re going to finish up at the TECH at 7 p.m.

A view of a residential city block with the Comcast building in the background

6 Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

Yessssssssssss, you’re living off campus (perhaps for the first time ever) and have a pad all to yourself. Look at you being an adult!...

A clock with a Temple “T” on its face next to a calendar with floating acorns hovering above.

12 wallet-friendly things to do this month

We wanna join some new clubs at TempleFest, and get a free ride to Old City for First Friday and go see some weird-in-the-best-way...

 Various word bubbles that represent a conversation between two people becoming friends in shades of yellow, blue and pink that mimic highlighters.

Temple Insider's Guide: Stuff you're def nervous about

In a couple days your parents, grandparents, siblings and support systems will be helping you move in. And then … they’re going to leave...

A cell phone displaying “#BrazenUrbanNinjaSquirrel” on its screen in shades of yellow, blue and pink that mimic highlighters.

Temple Insider's Guide: Temple lingo

These words and phrases, as weird as they may be, will be a major part of your vocabulary as an Owl.

The words “welcome week” in bubble letters in shades of yellow, blue and pink that mimic highlighters.

Temple Insider's Guide: Welcome Week 2018 things to do

There’s a lot to do, peeps, and it doesn’t all involve unloading your Target haul into your dorm room #twinklelights.

An illustrated food truck with a chicken drumstick and a fried pastry on its side.

The Truck Stops Here: 4 Brothers Loco Flavor

We love Beury Beach, but it doesn’t always offer the island vibe we crave during finals week.

A neon “open 24/7” sign next to a bag packed with a bagel, coffee, headphones and a puppy.

Your guide to surviving finals week

You got this, Owls!

A silhouette of a person with a question mark over their face talking to a video camera.

JOB ALERT: We’re hiring our next student vlogger

Breaking news, Owls. One of the coolest on-campus jobs is about to be available. We’re looking for our next student vlogger!!!

An Owl who has created its nest in a Philadelphia row home.

6 tips for dealing with your landlord and that rental apartment life

Friends, the thing about renting an apartment is you gotta deal with someone new, and we’re not talking about a new pizza delivery dude...

A student relaxing in a hammock with a laptop on a beach as the sun moves across the sky

Top 10 classes to take this summer

Owls never stop their hustle, even in the summer. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Working at the T-shirt shop. Hahaha, kidding.

Text that reads “12 things to do before the semester ends” on a blue background.

You got it! 12 things to do before the semester ends

Guys, if we watch one more episode of The Office, Netflix is going to start feeling bad for us.

An illustrated food truck with a plate, fork and knife on the side of the truck.

The Truck Stops Here: Richie's Lunch Box

What do we want? Egg and cheese! When do we want it? Now! Forever! Always.

Charles Blockson, Delores Andy and Cecil B. Moore each on their own baseball-inspired card.

What Black History Month means to Owls

History lives in the stories we tell, and we’ve got stories to tell. Charles L.

An illustration of eating utensils and a heart shaped plate.

Cherry Pantry opens to help fight hunger at Temple

Listen up, Owls: A recent survey found that nearly 35 percent of Temple students are considered food insecure (we’ll explain exactly...

A square pizza with “TU” in pepperoni.

Gimme that za: 8 places to get Temple Made pizza

National Pizza Day is a thing. A real thing.

Temple students showing their Owl pride with text that reads "get involved".

The new, the essential, the out of the box: 6 student clubs and organizations you won’t want to miss

We started counting all of the student clubs and organizations on campus—Nutshell doesn’t have much going on—and when we got to 300-...

Two illustrated brains looking at each other.

Mental health 101: Signs of anxiety and depression and what to do

It’s OK to not be OK. But we want you to be as OK as possible, OK?

A fictional Nutshell twitter account.

From rapping grads to Bob Saget prayers: Nutshell’s favorite tweets of 2017

Um, is it 2018 already??? Guess time flies when you’re an Owl (lol). Looking back, Nutshell did A LOT this year—we sent you an email...

A vine that is growing cartons of milk, lipsticks and cellphones emerging from a woman’s head.

Milk and business: 5 cool ventures that have worked with Blackstone LaunchPad

Nutshell has some serious #goals.

An animated GIF of Hooter meditating while cups of coffee and dogs float around his head.

Coffee, dogs and snacks: Achieve zen status at the Library's Crunch Time Café

Breathe in. We can’t believe classes are almost over. Breathe out. Breathe in.

An illustration of a double bacon cheeseburger that has a football as a bun.

What a football player eats in a day

Dear diary, Today I will eat at least 5,000 calories and burn, like, half of them lifting and playing football.

A campfire next to a calendar page that reads "opens Nov. 24"

(Mostly) free stuff to do before the end of the semester

Someone once said “we ain’t ever getting older,” but it *kind of* seems like we’re getting older every minute.

Hooter from the 1980s.

Get spooked: Freaky Temple connections

Raise your hand if Hooter from the ’80s got you shook. Now, picture old school Hooter dancing. Scared yet?

An animated GIF of several images, such as Tupac, Michael Jackson and the American flag, to illustrate various classes.

12 of the coolest classes at Temple

We’re not talking about the Chemistry of Wine—it is cool, but we’re pretty sure people who don’t even go here know about that

An illustration of beer bottles and one is red with words across it reading “know what to do”.

Drinking 101: What to do when your friend’s had too much

Listen up, peeps. It was just Homecoming, midterms are wrapping up and Halloween is right around the corner—basically, it’s peak party...

An animated image of the Diamond Marching Band dancing on a football field.

We’re with the band: 5 times the Diamond Marching Band blew us away

We don’t know about you, Owls, but when we grow up, we want to be in the band. Or at least with the band.

An image of the Bell Tower with a banner that reads "Homecoming".

Homecoming 2017: Top events for students

Mismatched socks, check. Neon fanny pack, check. A tub of glitter we plan to glue to a golf cart, check.